What was Artemis 81 on British television?

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    Broadcast by the BBC on 29 December 1981, Artemis 81 treats of an epic battle for the future of mankind, fought between angel of light Helith (played by Sting) and angel of death Asrael (Roland Curram), through the mind of a successful but spiritually impoverished occult novelist, Gideon Harlax (Hywel Bennett).

    The story is simple enough. After a visually superb prologue in which Asrael and Helith are seen pleading their respective cases to the Earth-mother Magog, Harlax's girlfriend Gwen (Dinah Stabb) meets celebrity organist Albrecht von Drachenfels (Dan O'Herlihy). An unwilling pawn of Asrael, von Drachenfels provides Gwen and Harlax with a series of clues about a broken statuette of the goddess, the pieces of which are responsible for a mysterious series of suicides around the country. Harlax investigates the deaths, seeing them as little more than useful material for his next book; but as soon as concern for Gwen's safety breaks through his habitual detachment he is spirited away by Helith. The scales (in the form of a pair of heavy spectacles) having been forcibly removed from his eyes, Harlax is cast adrift in a nightmarish, plague-ridden city; but with Helith's help he finds his way into an underground complex where Gwen, a film theorist friend of his, and the suicides' loved ones are being kept and brainwashed with fake stimuli. Harlax and Gwen escape in time to receive von Drachenfels' last signal and defeat Asrael.


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