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i want to add kendrik perkins. should i drop someone(and who)or not. and who should i start?

heres my team

PG Rajon Rondo INJ

SG Kobe Bryant

G John Wall

SF LeBron James

PF Pau Gasol

F Chris Bosh

C Tim Duncan

C Tyson Chandler

Util Joe Johnson

Util Roy Hibbert

BN Caron Butler

BN Ray Allen

BN Ty Lawson

BN Boris Diaw

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  • Pronk
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    8 years ago
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    The only 1 I'd consider is Diaw..

    But actually you should trade 2 players for 1 better player then you wouldn't have to drop anyone.

    Like trade Bryant & Duncan for Kevin Durant,then pick up Perkins.Or,of course you can come up with your own trade ideas.


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  • 8 years ago

    Kendrick Perkins does not do enough to be on a fantasy team. The Thunder down by 5 late in a gam will never say, "Kendrick go win this game for us."

    10 Points, 10 Rebounds is a GREAT game for this type of player. Just doesn't happen often.

    I would hold everyone, including Diaw and his little value.

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