Should I become a film director/writer or a director?

I get these good ideas for films then I see a film thats just like my idea, originality is huge to me but my main thing is to become a director.... HELP ME

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    8 years ago
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    I'm kind of in the same boat. I started in 1996 when I watched SCREAM and then I wanted to be an actor. At the same time, my English teacher was blown away by a script I wrote about aliens possessing school teachers and then the kids in order to slowly take over the world instead of taking it by force like Independence day. Then two years later Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Williamson made The Faculty. As the years went on I decided to take the Kevin Smith approach to the Movie world. Write and direct my own movies.

    Obviously that's going to cost a lot, so I figure the best way is to write a script that sells to work my way into the industry. Then get into acting and eventually directing.

    Hope this helps

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