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Real Unique dog names? Female!?

Please give me a list of some unique female dog names and their meanings if possible. Maybe in a different language like German? No spanish and no links

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    ABRAXIS An angel in medieval Jewish angelologies

    ALMONDINE Sweet dog from The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

    ANDROMEDA German Shepherd The Parent Trap (1961 version)

    ARAPAHO Native American tribe

    ARMAGEDDON Epic battle between good and evil

    BOONDOCKS- Action movie, The Boondock Saints

    BOOYAN- Magical island in Russian folklore

    BRAYDEN- Celtic / Gaelic name meaning "brave"

    CALICO- Calico Jack Rackham, an 18th century pirate

    CALIX - Greek male name meaning "very handsome"

    CASHDOG- Boxer of Joel & Benji Madden of the band Good Charlotte

    CERBERUS- Three-headed dog who gaurds the gates of hell

    CHARCO - Name of a famous search & rescue dog

    B-DAWG Golden Retriever, Snow Buddies & Air Buddies

    BABBIT Character from the cartoon "Babbit and Catstello"

    BABUSHKA Russian word meaning "grandmother"

    BACARU Bacaru Beagle of The Beagle Boys

    BALLYHOO A word which means 'uproar'

    BANQUO A character from Shakespeare's "MacBeth"

    BANSHEE "Wailing woman" of Scottish legend

    BANZAI Japanese expression meaning 'ten thousand year'

    BAZOOKA WWII Anti-tank weapon

    BELLADONNA An extremely poisionous plant

    BJORK Icelandic pop singer / songwriter

    BLACK DOG Classic rock song by Led Zeppelin

    BODU Phantom black dog in Guernsey folklore

    BOLIVAR Donald Duck's pet St. Bernard

    BOO RADLEY Character from the novel To Kill A Mockingbird

    CHAUCER- Geoffrey Chaucer, author of The Cantebury Tale

    CHEKHOV- Anton Chekhov, Russian author

    CHINELO - Nigerian name meaning 'talented'

    CHINOOK- Heavy lift military helicopter

    CHIZU- Japanese, meaning: "a thousand storks" (imples longevity)

    CLOOTIE- Scottish name for the devil

    COLTRANE- John Coltrane, jazz saxophonist

    COLUMBINE- Latin female name meaning 'dove'

    COUSCOUS- Popular north African dish made from semolina wheat

    DAHGCHOW- Chow-Chow from The Secret Files of Spy Dogs

    DALI- Salvador Dali‰ , Spanish surrealist artist

    DARKNESS The Darkness, British rock band

    DARKSTAR A Marvel Comics superhero

    DELPHINA Greek female name meaning "little flower"

    DHANI Dhani Harrison, guitarist son of George Harrison

    DOBRO A type of guitar, often usen in country music

    DOJO Arts of self-defence, such as judo

    DRAVEN Eric Draven from The Crow graphic novels

    DWEEZIL Dweezil Zappa, musician son of Frank Zappa

    DYNOMUTT Cartoon superhero dog

    EDELWEISS European mountain flower

    ENDAL Golden Lab who has received several medals for bravery

    ENDER Hero of "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card

    ERGO A Latin word meaning "therefore"

    EWOK Teddy bear-like alien species in "Star Wars"

    FJORD Glacial valley in Scandanavia

    FLEALICK Jack Russell from the movie "Babe 2: Pig in the City"

    GASPODE Unusually clever dog in Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" novels

    GERSHWIN George Gershwin, American composer

    GIVENCHY Hubert de Givenchy, French fashion designer

    GORKY Maxim Gorky, Russian novelist

    GOTHAM Batman's home town

    GUMP Title character from the movie Forest Gump

    HADES Greek god of the underworld

    HANG SENG Hong Kong Stock Exchange

    HEX A spell in black magic

    HUXLEY Author, humanist and pacifist Aldous Huxley

    HYACINTH Lead character from the sitcom 'Keeping Up Appearances'

    ICARUS Greek mythology character who tried to fly

    IDITAROD Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race held in Alaska

    IGBY Title Character from the movie "Igby Goes Down"

    IMOLA Famous motor racing circuit in Italy

    INU Japanese word for "dog"

    IO A moon of Jupiter

    IONE Ione Skye, American actress

    IROQUOIS Native American tribe

    ISIS Egyptian goddess of nature and magic

    ISLA A Scottish island (Pronounced "ILA")

    ITCHYCOO From the song Itchycoo Park by The Small Faces

    IZZIT Turkish soccer player Muzzi Izzit

    JABBERWOCKY A 'nonsense' poem by Lewis Carroll

    JAMIROQUAI English Funk / Soul / Pop band

    JAR JAR BINKS Character from Star Wars

    JELLY ROLL Jazz legend, Mr. Jelly Roll Morton

    JEZEBEL Alternative rock band Gene Loves Jezebel

    JITTERBUG Kind of swing dancing

    JO-FI Chow-Chow owned by Sigmund Freud

    JOAN JETT Singer and guitarist of The Blackhearts

    JUBJUB Type of soft candy

    JUST NUISANCE Only dog every to be enlisted in the Royal Navy

    JUVENTAS Roman goddess of youth

    KAFKA Franz Kafka, author

    KALYSTA Latin name meaning 'most beautiful'

    KAROO Semi-desert region of South Africa

    KASABIAN Rock / metal band

    KAZAK Hound of Space from Kurt Vonnegut's "The Sirens of Titan"

    KAZUMI Kazumi Wattanabe, Jazz / Fusion guitarist

    KENZO Japanese imperial ruler

    KEROUAC Author Jack Kerouac

    KEVLAR Bullet proofing material

    KIOWA Native American tribe

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Real Unique dog names? Female!?

    Please give me a list of some unique female dog names and their meanings if possible. Maybe in a different language like German? No spanish and no links

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    Do you have a favorite artist(musician or otherwise)? A favorite book? A favorite character from a TV show/movie? Favorite historic person or actor/actress? Favorite song?

    I named my dog Miyavi, after a Japanese artist that I like, The artist is a man, but my dog is female. It does well-I often just call her Miya for short.

    Or you could go to a baby naming website and look up names that way, I believe there is a pet naming website too.

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  • 8 years ago

    I personally love to give dogs real names so look up on a baby name website. I can be more help if I know the breed but my Grandma dog's name is German Its Shotzi and it means sweetheart...she is the only Shotzi I know

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    I have have or have had females named Tori, Tilly, Jewels, Mishka, Magic, Persia, Bella, Milly, Ling, Pee wee, Girl, Jo, Wannaa, Chloe, Trouble, Gypsy, Peral, Jebba, Jess & Shadow to name a few off the top of my head.

    names i've heard & liked where Shar, Shebba, Gabby, Hanny, Darla, Des, Tess, Gaby, Karla.

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    European Dog Names

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  • 3 years ago


    Source(s): Attract Beautiful Women
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    Kutta, Mekur

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    ABRAXIS-An angel in medieval Jewish angelologies

    CHINELO-Nigerian name meaning 'talented'

    ICARUS-Greek mythology character who tried to fly

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