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Good survival knife for Camping/Survival?

See i was looking at reviews about the Gerber LMF II and i was really thinking about getting this knife for a good survival knife but someone was buttoning is on some wood and the handle broke so now im just like really lost so and suggestions and a good all around survival/ camping/ anything knife? And i know the whole thing " Everybody has their own personal survival knife " but i need to see what to get to see if it fits me so im not spending thousands of dollars on knives that are crappy.

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    I know how you feel. I spent years and many paychecks looking for the 'right' knife. It's mostly the quality of the steel that has drove me mad. I've finally found my blade setup I'm not only happy with, but I no longer have an interest in getting any other blades. For big jobs like making firewood, the Buck Hoodlum beats all in size, weight, ergonomics,etc. What gets the most work is my Fallkniven H1 VG-10. Look into , they made amazing Fully Custom sheaths for my Leatherman, Fallkniven H1 & Fallkniven A1. My A1 is a great tool as well. I love the VG-10 steel so much I picked up Al Mar's SERE 2000 folder. Read about Fallkniven's laminated steel on their website, only thig not to take to heart is needing diamond stones for the vg10. I use some Arkansas wetstones and leather strops to sharpen and hone and they do the job perfectly.

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    If you really want to get a quality knife, get a hand made one. Any bladesmith worth his salt can make one that can do the following; These are the tests I used on the last survival combat knife before it was delivered to a soldier.

    specs; 6" simi clip point forged from 5160 carbon steel with a full tang.

    First thing out of temper, it was dropped on the concrete floor dead on its point with no damaged except for a nice divot in the concrete.

    After it was cleaned up and sharpened it was hammered into a 2x4 with a 3lb hammer then used to pry the wood apart. Then I cut the last 6" off a free hanging rope (test of sharpness). Finally I made 30 slicing cut on 1/2" hemp rope using less than 3" of blade. When the blade stopped biting through the rope was about the time it stopped shaving.

    A knife like this will cost more the Gerber but will give a lifetime of service and will not fail or break like a factory knife.

    If you want a good knife this is the route to go, most bladesmiths make camp knives.

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    I have a US Air Force Survival Knife and freaking love the thing. I have put mine through a gauntlet and it came out unscathed. I have split wood with it, cut down small trees with it, used it to clean game, and have even used it as a hammer on a construction job when someone took mine. You cant beat the Ontario Knife Company for quality and price (mine was 30 bucks on amazon). Also if you don't like the leather washer handle the newer model has a synthetic one for about 5-10 bucks more.

    Source(s): Extensive use hunting, fishing, camping, and any other time i need more than my little gerber
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    Spend thousands of dollars on knives until you find the one you like. Look at knife reviews on You Tube. Your question is asked almost weekly on Yahoo! Answers, so you can search for past answers. Personally, I backpack and like to keep weight down, so I have carried a Victorinox pocket knife for decades. The "survivalist" types carry big knives to kill bears and chop down trees and set bamboo spring traps to kill tigers. "Far North" and "Nut N Fancy" put together little comparisons of big knives. Choose your own tool for the task.

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    Go with a leather man wave. It has 2 blades as well as a saw as well as other use full tools.

    I have had one for many years and have used it on every thing from camping to fixing my truck or boat. Great tool

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    my choice would be a Mora of Sweden 511, I already own 2 and have never worn them out yet after 10 years of use.

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