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am i obligated to INFORM my former tenant I removed her things from my property?

After an eviction , here in the state of MN, an Landlord must give the evicted tenant 28 days to reclaim his or her property. If 28 days had past, and the tenant is aware of the 28 day period. and then the landlord removes/disposes of the ex tenants property, then the ex tenant writes a certified letter AFTER the 28 days saying "when can I come get my stuff?" the landlord obligated to answer and say "its been removed"?

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    No, the landlord doesn't have to respond at all. The tenant was aware of the time frame, and it is not the landlord's responsibility to baby-sit the tenant and remind them to get their crap off the property.

    The property is gone, you have fulfilled your obligation, no further action is required on your part. You are welcome to inform the tenant that you have tossed, sold, etc. the property but it is certainly not required. You are welcome to ignore them.

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    No. The landlord is only obligated to store the stuff for 28 days after the eviction. After 14 days of storage, the landlord can notify the tenant of intent to auction the stuff at 28 days. At 28 days, the stuff can go to auction, the proceeds of which offset the debts owed to the landlord (unpaid rent, damages, storage, handling and auction fees, etc) and the remainder (if any) paid to the tenant, upon reasonable demand.

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  • deb s
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    At the end of that 28 can remove the stuff from your property.

    The date the certified letter was mail was AFTER the 28 days?

    Then you are fine.

    I would write back and say the the 28 days required by law has expired, your stuff has been removed to the curb on ___(fill in date)_____. You failed to contact me or make any arrangements to get your stuff removed from my property. The law does not require me to keep it past 28 days from the eviction date. That date was ____ fill in date_____.

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  • 9 years ago

    I would, just to be nice, indicate, in the last 72 hours, "your stuff will be put.......

    or be sold........or be donated.........if it is not collected by you nlt........x date

    then the people have a chance to do something.

    I slipped 30 yrs ago and lost all my belongings because I did not watch my

    deadline as a tenant.

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