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What Bike Size Frame (Fixie road bike) Do I Need?

Im 5"7-5"8, Not completely sure. I weigh 135-150 avg.(My weight changes pretty quickly [depending on me being active or not] ) Im getting a road bike (Fixie) in a couple of months.



• HANDLE BAR: 23.5"






• TIRES:700 X 25C, BLACK

Now i just need my frame size, (I know nothing about bikes I copied the bike Info from the website^)

It says I have a choice between 480mm or 530mm? Im not sure which one is for me. If you know the answer please answer with a little detail and an explanation to why! Thank you very much!

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    I keep saying the same thing day after day after day on this website... TRY B4 you BUY. If you can't EXTENSIVELY test ride the bicycle in advance of purchase - don't buy it. Frame sizing is not universal from one company to the next. They will all vary slightly, just as clothing and shoes sizes do, Would you buy a pair of shoes without trying them on 1st? I doubt it.

    If your heart is truly set on a fixed gear bicycle - see your LBS - local bicycle shop. Be forewarned. A good fixed gear will run just as much or MORE than a proper road bike with gears, derailleurs, brakes - that sort of thing. Don't believe me? See the links below.

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    Technically, a fixed gear bicycle isn't a road bike. It's a track bike for an indoor Velodrome track. Why & how this type of bike every became popular on the streets is beyond me. More on this later.

    If you're not sure on how tall you are, how can you possibly pick out the correct frame size? And I'm speculating this is an Internet sale too. There is no way to pick out the correct frame size over the Internet & be 100% sure. No two bicycle companies are the same. The stand-over height will change slightly one to the next. Top tube length may also change slightly one to the next. And top tube length can be very important. See link from Sheldon Brown on frame sizing.

    If you're thinking about an Internet sale...don't. Get the idea out of your head now & see a nearby bicycle shop instead. And fixed gear bicycles can be downright dangerous because you will pedal all the time. How can you come to a quick stop (if needed) and still pedal all the time? You can't. Basically, you're in high gear all the time compared to a road bike with gears. You can't start quickly & you can't stop quickly. You may struggle to get up a hill or ride into a strong headwind. Fixed gear bikes are great, on a Velodrome track for racing indoors, where there is no need to start or stop quickly. There is no need to climb a hill or ride into the wind. And most of all, there is no motorized traffic to contend with. I would strongly advise rethinking the whole idea behind a fixed gear bicycle.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    I'm 5'11" and ride a 56 cm road bike. Technically a 58 cm would be better. Your bike is way too small -- you would probably do better on the 56cm frame. If they're a good bike shop, or even just a decent one, they would order the correct size frame for you, and then allow you to exchange the smaller frame for the right one. Talk to them about ordering the right size. If they don't, return the bike and go to a shop that will get you the correct frame. If you feel that you're stuck with the small frame, a long riser stem would be in order. Hopefully the bike shop can help you with the fitting for that, but keep in mind that a longer or taller stem would really change the handling of the bike.

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    First to your question.

    Neither bike will be the proper height. 48 cm is for a person around 5'2" or less. 53 cm will be barely big enough. Longer seat posts are available but getting the bars high enough can be impossible.

    As to your choice of bike, STRONGLY suggest not buying a fixed gear or single speed bike. About the most useless limiting bike you can buy.

    Take for instance gearing. With a 44t front and 16t rear gearing you will be able to achieve 19 mph pedaling at a proper 90 rpms. Can you ride that fast all the time? Can you ride that fast up hills or into a screaming headwind? I can't. Nor will you. These bikes are hard on the knees.

    See link below.

    fixed gear bike with a three speed hub. Three speeds beats one speed every day of the year.

    see second link.

    Eight speed bike.

    Lastly, a three speed with with a coaster brake.

    Don't make the mistake of buying a fixed gear bicycle. You have better choices available.

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    Well, every brand of bike is different. I have to ride 14" and I'm about 5'1-5'2. Any more than that I can't even stop properly.

    Anyway, I agree with the other person about the single-speed road bike. It's not safe. I know it seems simpler and easier, but it really is not. When you are riding with cars or other bikes, you have to be able to keep pace... just like with driving a car, you have to keep up with traffic at least to some degree, correct? Same with a bike.

    I've seen a lot of people riding fixies in the bike lane and end up cruising through 4-way stops because they couldn't stop in time, or I would see people riding fixies too aggressively in the road... in fact some of them just flat out try and exceed the bike's capacity altogether. If those same people got a geared bike instead of a "cool" one, they would be able to do those things without risking serious injury to themselves or other people.

    If you do end up getting a fixie, please for the love of all things great do NOT get a brakeless one. There is a whole subculture of people who ride fixies who believe that stopping the wheel with their shoe is more reliable than a brake. It's not reliable, it's reckless. You only do that if your brakes aren't working. I hope those things become illegal in the very near future if it isn't already

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    48 cm is much too small, and depending on your body proportions and the frame geometry, there is a good chance that the 52 cm is also too small. You probably need a frame in the 54-55 cm range, but again, this depends on a few variables. If you have short legs and a long torso, you might need a smaller size, provided that the smaller size has a long enough top tube. If you have long legs, a larger size would be needed with a slightly shorter top tube. Find out if the store is able to do a fitting to make sure that you are properly positioned. Even if you have to pay extra, the money would be well spent

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    The 480 mm frame will be too small the 530 may be too big. You want to go to the local bike shop and get fitted for a bike. Bikes direct has a wider range of sizes and much better bikes then what you are looking at. You want to measure your actual inseam with shoes on and get a frame with the standover height that is 1-2 inches less then your stand over height.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What Bike Size Frame (Fixie road bike) Do I Need?

    Im 5"7-5"8, Not completely sure. I weigh 135-150 avg.(My weight changes pretty quickly [depending on me being active or not] ) Im getting a road bike (Fixie) in a couple of months.


    • SEAT TUBE: 530MM OR 480MM

    • HANDLE BAR: 23.5"


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