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Is it true that actresses Olivia de Havilland and Joan de Havilland haven't spoken in about 37 years ?

I've read that actresses and sisters, Olivia de Havilland and Joan de Havilland (known professionally as Joan Fontaine) have not communicated at all for nearly 37 years. I have also read that Olivia de Havilland had to loan money from sister, Joan because the former chose to fund the health care of her former husband in later years which would reflect some contact for such a transaction. I know there were many conflicts from their past creating a likely scenario for a long estrangement after their mother's death. On the other hand, it seems that so many decades have followed that they would mend things, especially given their ages of 95 and 94, respectively. So what's the deal here? Is it a publicity stunt or reality between these two? Also, any clue as to how one will handle the news of the other's eventual demise?

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  • H
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    8 years ago
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    No, it's real. Many of the details that have been told are through quotes from both and eager biographers.

    It seems to really have occurred with the mother. For some reason, she would go back and forth on who she loved more....really quite cruel...and did it until her death. Their father loved the prostitutes so their mother left him and took the family from Shanghai to California and remarried. I don't think they ever saw their father again....and they didn't like their stepfather.

    Also, the mother made Joan change her name to Fontaine so she wouldn't butt in on Olivia's career. Pretty cruel....

    The sisters often vied for the same roles, etc. But, both have said they've been like this since they were children. Olivia was first and it seems she would have preferred being an only child. She actually physically hurt her sister when they were kids several times.

    Though I adore both actresses, I really don't think this sad news of their relationship is anyone's business. Both have large extended families and are doing well apart. When one of them dies, there is no way to predict or dare to guess what the other will think. And, isn't for us to figure out or judge.

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  • doiron
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    4 years ago

    Joan has died, she died at her domicile in California in 2013. Olivia remains alive. to respond to your question, i don't recognize precisely yet i think of it is rather in all probability thinking that they had a protracted feud spanning maximum of their lives.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    ask them

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