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What stocks would be smart to invest in?

I'm doing a project for school and I need three good stocks to invest in. However it cant be in Nasdaq or whatever, he said something about it being off NYSC. I dont even know what this stuff is, please help

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    The NYSE stands for the "New York Stock Exchange". There are about 3200 companies listed on the NYSE so you have a lot to choose from.

    to find a stock go to yahoo finance -

    Near the top left corner of the screen you will see a field that says "get quotes".

    Just type in a random letter and a list of companies starting with that letter will drop down. As you keep typing letters the search will narrow down to a company name.

    For example type in "mc" and "McDonalds" appears at the top of the list.

    The "ticker symbol" for Mcdonalds is "MCD" - you can also type this into the "get quotes bar" and the stock quote will pop up. A ticker symbol is just a short abbreviation for a particular company.

    Type in MCD and hit the "get quotes" button.

    A new page will pop up showing you a stock quote for McDonalds. At the top of the quote just below the advertisements is says "McDonald's Corporation Common S (MCD)

    -NYSE "

    The NYSE means that the stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange. If it says "Nasdaq" then you can't pick it because it trades on the wrong exchange.

    Apple, Microsoft, and a lot of other technology stocks tend to list on the Nasdaq exchange.

    Just go to the Yahoo home page and start typing in letters - in no time you will find at least 3 stocks. Make sure that they trade on the NYSE and you're good.

    If you really want to try to get killer returns you will need to familiarize yourself with all 3200 stocks on the NYSE in order to pick out the best ones. This will probably take a very long time though, so I wouldn't recommend this unless you are really interested in the stock market and want to make a living out of it someday.

    Good luck!

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    I wonder if that person recommending Google will still recommend it today. Google is a very mature company right now and it just struggling for more growth. Apple will experience the same thing (see: ). Both are NASDAQ stocks by the way.

    It's not NYSC, it's NYSE.

    MCD and WMT are both good stocks in these times.

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