is it still possable to start a cattle ranch?

Im 20 years old i owned my own landscaping business for 5 years now and have saved up some money i have worked on a cattle ranch with my freind for a few summers a few years back but he died and his wife sold if off and i want to start my own but i keep hearing things like you can never make money or its immposable to start... im not going in to it to be rich or even close but i want to be able to survie i have also consedered other businesses like dump truck service but i dont think i can handle doing pretty much the same thing everyday

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  • 9 years ago
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    In order to start a cattle ranch and make it work you have to do two things:

    1. Have an off-farm job that pays enough to keep it going, pay bills for vet bills, utilities, maintenance, etc.

    2. Make a plan for a LOW-COST operation. This refers to everything from calving, breeding,weaning and selling cattle to pasture management and winter feeding.

    You need to be purchasing cows that are only going to need to be supplemented with grass (with the exception of mineral and water), going to have very minimal to no calving problems, get bred quickly and on time, and raise good calves that can be sold for a good price. Your bulls should be just as good in order to improve your cow herd.

    You need to manage your pastures properly so that you have minimal to no inputs to help it grow, this means adopting practices that eliminate the use of fuel and fertilizer. You should also plan out a winter grazing program so that you don't have to spend two or three hours every day running the tractor to feed your cattle.

    Time calving, weaning and breeding according to the natural cycle. Calve in the spring, wean in the early winter and sell in the spring. You can also choose to do direct marketing if there's a niche market available in your area.

    Overall, with the proper management practices and keeping well away from the conventional way of doing things that does make so that "you can never make money" on it, and starting small and slow in such a way that it doesn't make it "impossible to start," it IS possible ti start a cattle ranch. You just need to plan, research, research and plan. And keep your job too!

    Cattle ranching is, after all, more of a a way of life than a profit-generating venture. But you still need to treat it as a business, and run it so that you are making it efficient for you and for what you are capable of handling.

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  • 9 years ago

    Don't listen to those nay-sayers. It IS possible to start up a cattle ranch, it just takes a lot of planning and knowing how, when and where to start. As was mentioned before I got here, you really need to focus on finding some way to make your operation, from the start, as low cost as possible, with as much emphasis on little to no inputs as possible. No it's not "impossible" to start, but it is difficult, especially if you have to pay for the land base and then go from there.

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