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can you please answer the following questions??

- Why would Stalin's favorite book have been "the prince" by Machiavelli?

-How did the views of different classes of russian citizens differ?

-What role did the meiji restoration play in the outcome of the russo-japanese war?

-how did lenin differ from marx?

-Why did the social democratic party hold its congress outside of russia?

this is about the russian rev. for modern world history

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    The Prince is a book that describes the ways that a politician could use to gain and maintain power, it is fairly amoral, and does not describe how to rule well, or with the interests of the ruled in mind. Stalin, like most politicians would have liked its decisiveness and its lack of morals.

    This question is too broad, when do you mean? If you mean just before the October Revolution then:

    The Aristocracy would have liked the Tsar to return and for the workers and peasants to be clamped down on.

    The Priesthood - a powerful force in Pre-Bolshevik Russia - would also have wanted the Tsar back, to return to "Holy Russia" and to maintain their grip on the countries education.

    The Intelligentsia, including the middle classes, would have like either a constitutional monarchy, like Britain, or a moderate, liberal, republic.

    The Workers were becoming more radical, they wanted to own the means of production and an end to exploitation by the factory owners.

    The peasants wanted to own their land, and not to pay rent to their former owners - the Aristocracy.

    The Meiji Restoration modernised Japan, significantly it modernised the Japanese armed forces. This led to victory in the Russo-Japanese war.

    Lenin made two important revisions of Marxist doctrine:

    1) Marx claimed that history was marked by changed in the economic relationships of the classes, i.e. history marched on an "inevitable" path from hunter-gatherer to slavery, to feudalism to capitalism to imperialism to socialism and finally to communism. He stated that each of these stages morphed into the next stage when they were fully mature and through a process he called class struggle. Lenin believed that, although Russia had only just shaken off feudalism, and was barely capitalist (although it was imperialist) this stage could be "telescoped" - shortened - allowing for a socialist revolution.

    2) His other major revision was that Marx claimed that the peasantry was always conservative and would support the existing regime; the workers would be the motor of the socialist revolution. Lenin realised that because in Russia the working class was so small then the peasants also had to be part of the socialist revolution.


    Lenin, A Biography - Robert Service

    Karl Marx - Francis Wheen

    The Communist Party of the Soviet Union - Leonard Shapiro

    The Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (it was not called the Social Democratic Party) held its congresses and conferences outside Russia because it was, until 1906, an illegal party. Many of its leaders had fled Russia because they were wanted for various crimes against the state.

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