US Navy CTT questions?

1)i was wondering how high you have to score on the asvab for CTT

2)is it a fast promoting job

3)what is life like as a CTT

4)is it overmanned

5)would i be on ship or shore duty?

anything else you can add about your experiences or anything about the Navy please do thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    ASVAB: VE + MK + GS = 162 (CTT 4YO) or AR + MK + EI + GS = 223 (CTT AEF)


    School Guarantee (SG) program


    Advanced Electronics Field (AEF) program

  • tonnie
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    3 years ago

    improve into he on subs? If now no longer then he would not understand what he's talking approximately. ALL team on subs isn't likely returned to their racks and playing with themselves at the same time as drooling over the main up as much as now online interest. there is no time particularly at the same time as getting qualified which includes deployments. they are going to all artwork something hours is needed and often it incredibly is an 18 hour day. there's a contest between the two places advantageous they are continuously concerns approximately each and each diverse inspite of the undeniable fact that they do artwork as a team finally. think approximately to return to a determination what you prefer to do your self. all the scores you picked use your recommendations almost as good as your hands. Being a sub is hard, long hours, minimum communications with the exterior international and you may desire to have the main appropriate recommendations set to do it

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