which brand speaker is better ?

I like to buy a pair of tower speakers bose jbl or yamaha ? and what is most important for a good speaker

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  • Kevin
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    9 years ago
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    I own Bose tower speakers, 701's. I listened to them next to several other brands and liked them the best so I spent MY money on them. Now years later I still love the way they sound, which answers your 2nd question. What's important about speakers is that YOU like how they sound, not any of us, & definitely not audiophile/audiosnob magazines, forums etc. Also remember a set of speakers can sound much different from one receiver to another. So it really takes some trial & error to get things the way you like.

    You won't put them in a professional recording studio, so I don't know why anyone would suggest that. Also, you asked about the towers, so why do people tell you the cubes are bad? News flash: cubes are not towers lol. And what does marketing have to do with how they sound? Does spending less than X amount of dollars on advertising make the speakers themselves sound good? And make us all happy and joyous to get to listen to them? ...kinda peculiar reasoning there.

    All 3 of those are good choices, I personally prefer my 701's to the speakers I've heard from either of the other 2 brands. But if you listened to them you might happen to think they suck. Also look at Polk monitor series. Newegg dot com often has them on sale for killer prices.

    When it's said & done it's your opinion. We all don't have the same taste, otherwise everyone would have the same stereo system, right?

    Source(s): just my own personal views and lots of common sense & logic
  • JBL is the more musical speaker compared to the ones listed. JBL is most likely what you hear in theaters at the movies. While this is a commercial grade application, it underscores that JBL has the chops to produce one of the better musical notes money can buy in consumer audio. My strongest recommendation is to be sure you listen for yourself. You be the judge.

    Take note to the hook up running passive speakers. The receiver or amp is a big influence in just how music sounds to the end user. You may want to get that exact set up, to make sure everything is to your liking. Purchasing speakers and choosing what is a fit, can be complicated, loaded with pitfalls. Read and listen, make an informed decision at the price point you can swing. The beauty here is no one has a dominant position, it is hard to go wrong, since their are so many good choices out there.

    Be clear on what you want the speakers to perform. In a related manner, Yamaha's reputation is not built on speakers, it is not what they do best. Don't get me wrong they do it well, but its not what they do. JBL builds speakers, thats what they do all day everyday. You still have to pay attention, because JBL is not above sticking a badge on a cheap sounding speaker set. On the Bose front, you know what you get with Bose, its predictable even routine, its more of the same. For some, this is a good thing, others its not. The criticism is Bose is over priced and so forth, but anyone could argue who isn't? I would recommend you take a listen to the Bose Companion 20 speaker http://www.amazon.com/Bose-Companion-Multimedia-Sp... then compare Audioengine's A2 speaker to M-Audio AV40 speakers. They are all in the same ball park of $200-250 USD. This approach gives you a base line expectation. Reason being this price point is tight with competition, plenty of options. At least this is a starting point and will provide guidance to bigger and better.

    If I had to settle, it would probably be the JBL PRX series self powered speakers. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/482874-REG/J...

    This pair has a fairly flat frequency response if that is your thing. Its a three way speaker set up which gives you a dynamic sonic range in the room. Just a suggestion.


  • AL M
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    9 years ago

    All those brands you listed have a very good reputation. What might be good for me is just my opinion, and many people will recommend what they own.

    I agree on what others have mentioned, you wont see a Bose speaker in a music studio. JBL and Yamaha are excellent for that - Music. Bose became popular when they miniaturized big sound into small packages. You can get same big sound with other brands without having to break the bank.

    Sound is like an acquired taste. You'll need to hear them to compare the speakers and decide which is best for you. Will it be mostly for music, radio, band instruments, home theater, etc? What will be the audio source for the speakers?

  • 9 years ago

    My advice is to always buy a speaker from a 'real' speaker company. One that makes speakers as it's main business.

    Bose does not count because it spends 5 times the budget on Marketing than Engineering. Therefore - it is a Marketing company.

    What is important?

    Well - speakers have 'flavor'. You are used to some speakers and if you buy speakers that dont sound right with music you like - you are stuck.

    Take a CD (not a compressed MP3) and go audition the speakers. Pick the one that sounds good with a favorite CD.

    Some brands like Klipsch are 'forward' but are good for rock and rap.

    Some brands like Paradigym are neutral and highly prized for Jazz, Classical type of music.

    Other brands - are a mix. You just have to decide if you like what you hear.

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  • 9 years ago

    From your choices JBL would be the best. They have been making speakers for a very long time. Most recording studios, movies theater and professionals use JBL. Bose is over priced and they don't last long. Look at these other brands also: Definitive Technology, Energy, Focal, Infinity, Klipsch, Logan Martin and Polk Audio. Demo them at your local retail store with your own source of music and listen to one song on each speakers. Hope this will help you out.

  • Advait
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    9 years ago

    The quality of magnet in the speaker is the most important factor in a good speaker.

    Bose has some different reputation. It cannot be compared with any other.

    The recording devices & speakers from the brands like Yamaha, Sony, Seinhesser, Panasonic are used in recording studios as they have much better sound quality.They make speakers & other devices for both professionals & non-professional users.

  • 9 years ago

    Definitely not Bose. Bose is over-hyped, over-marketed crap. As the saying goes, "No highs, no lows. Must be Bose."

    As for which speaker would sound better between JBL and Yamaha, it really depends on which ones you like better. And, the only way to find out is to listen to them. All speakers have different frequency response curves, which is an indication of how well they reproduce all of the frequencies in the audible spectrum (20 Hz to 20 kHz). So, different speakers will sound different, and you will probably have a preference between one or the other when you listen to them side-by-side with the same audio programming on (how they have them set up in sound rooms in stereo stores).

    The only speakers I can recommend sight unseen (or unheard?) is Klipsch. I have never listened to a pair of Klipsch speakers that didn't sound good.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    From the home theater systems ive heard i like Yamaha more.

  • 9 years ago

    Definantly bose i own those towers and they are the most amazing sound.

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