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I cant find my horses reg papers!!!?

I just bought a AQHA gelding two weeks ago. I needed to get my AQHA account back up so i was goin to re enter it by the internet. So this horse is not in my name yet! I put the papers in a folder with all my other horses papers in the basement, over the weekend my basement flooded and destroyed ALL of my papers and Tucker is not in my name yet! Is there anyway i can get new papers and get him in my name without going through the whole finding the old owner and re signing them????? HELP!!!

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    Unless you have the signed transfer, you will have to go through the current owner listed on the papers (who I am assuming is the person you bought the horse from). I believe all you have to do is to get the new transfer signed (if you do not have one already) and then I would call AQHA to see what else you need to do to get it processed, they issue new papers with each transfer now, so there should not be an additional cost for lost papers.

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    The AQHA has a phone number and email that you can contact them through and ask them.

    But, more than likely, you're going to have to go through the old owner. You'll have to pay them to have a new set of papers sent then do the transfer.

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    properly i'm unsure on the legality of her taking the pony returned yet, i might assemble up all the charges you have for the vet, farrier, and the boarding and look after the final 18 months and make copies. then you definitely take them to the girl and enable her be attentive to she would have the ability to could desire to pay you for the horses care. I doubt they are going to decide to. in the event that they decline you counter sue. the previous proprietor is seeing $$ indications by way of fact the pony is now healthy. additionally touch your close by Animal Authority appropriate to the horses concern upon leaving the homestead. additionally be sure you assemble up any photograph you may desire to have had till now she improve into given perfect care. you will possibly no longer have any legal maximum appropriate to her yet they do have a legal legal accountability to pay for the care their horse gained.

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    I think you must've misplaced them somewhere on Yahoo! Answers. My Magic 8 Ball concurs but suggests that you "Concentrate and ask again later".

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