Is any of the Romeo and Juliet movies similar to the book?

I haft to read 'Rome and Juliet' for English class and i was wondering if any of the many Romeo and Juliet movies were like the book so i don't have to read it. please no answers like 'Oh just read it yourself'

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    9 years ago
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    There are many films that are true to the original play.

    However, it must be noted that movies are quite a different medium than live Shakespearean theater, so if you decide to do your assignments based on a film, be very careful about what details you choose to include. You should look for something as close to the filming of a theater production as possible; steer clear of the Claire Danes/Leonardo DiCaprio movie because that will just confuse you further.

  • cluff
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    4 years ago

    The 1968 version is generally real to the play, leaving out a pair of Romeo's minor scenes, and replaced into o.k. acted. The actors are of a achieveable age (no 40 year olds enjoying sixteen), and the action picture replaced into fantastically shot.

  • 9 years ago

    The one made in 1968 by Franco Zefferelli. It's so similar and it has the same quotes etc.

    Yeah I get what you mean, it's long. But some quotes are VITAL, so I'd only read them fromt he book. But yeah, if you watch the movie, you can get a brief analysis of the characters, because that's always important, especially for an exam.

    Good luck..

    Source(s): I read the book and watched that movie twice for english class too.
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