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Good places to live in Washington State?

What are some good places to live in Washington state? Other then Seattle. I've herd about Seattle.

I need to move so I am trying to get information.

* I'm not picky about weather

* Metro areas are good,small towns or suburbs are as long as a Metro area is near because there

are items I need from stores that I think only a city would offer.(I'm Vegan,like to read,like to do arts

and crafts,but I also love nature and the outdoors.)

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    Try Mount Vernon WA.

    There is a fantastic health food co-op right downtown and local farmstands for many of the nearby farms. There are bookstores in town in other nearby towns. There's a Michael's craft store about 30 minutes south in Marysville.

    You'd be about 2 hours north of Seattle, and 2 hours south of Vancouver BC.

    Bellingham WA would also be a good choice - enough of a town to get the things you think you need a larger city for, and lots of nearby outdoor activities (water, mountains etc.).

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    As you probably know Washington is divided by the Cascade mountain range. Western Washington is mild in Summer (but it rains a lot) and rarely cold in Winter, although it is snowing right now. Eastern Washington can be hot in Summer and cold and windy in Winter and Spokane is the only big city. Go with Jennifer's suggestions

    Source(s): I live in Seattle.
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