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I need help becoming an Actress!!!?

when i was little my mom signed me up to go on Disney Channel and i was so excited but my dad didnt lyk the idea cuz he wanted me to hve a normal life and get an education first, i wish he didnt did tht! Now i rlly want to be an actress but i am rlly shy... But my friends say i am naturally funny and i mke them laugh everyday. My dad says to get an education and take some classes for drama in highschool cuz i am only 12 right now. And he said to go into a good school and study drama and go to a acting school after college. I jst wish my dad would of let me go on Disney i was so excited!! Any Tips for reaching this goal, i am really shy so i want to avoid stage acting... Any Tips though? I rlly want to guest star in Criminal Minds if possible! :)

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    Signed you up for Disney Channel? Honey, you can't just "sign up" to go on Disney Channel. Here's a good site if you're interested in learning how to get on Disney Channel:

    You would have to be doing acting for years before you could go on Disney Channel or even Criminal Minds. If you want to accomplish your dream, here's how:

    1. Get training. To audition for Disney Channel or Criminal Minds, you must have an agent, and no agent in his/her right mind will take an untrained, inexperienced actress. To find training, Google "Acting Schools in (Your City)" or "Acting Lessons in (Your City)." This is usually the best way. Make sure the instructor is a trained, well experienced professional. Drama class at school is not an acceptable source of training. Once you have a coach, he will help you make a resume. Your training starts with stage training, then once you are more advanced, maybe a year or two of stage training, you may start separate classes for film acting.

    2. There is no way to avoid stage acting. It is how you will gain experience, which is how you will get an agent, which is how you audition for TV/Film. Don't worry about your shyness. I was the same way, but if it is truly your passion, you will overcome it. Just remember, when you are on stage, you are not yourself. You are someone else, entirely different. That helped me A LOT! Step two is to gain experience. Your instructor will probably know of good local theaters in your town that you can begin auditions with. If not, check the local theater sites regularly to keep up with auditions they're holding.

    3. Once you've had 1-2 years of training, and a strong amount of experience on stage, you may want to consider getting an agent. Your agent is what will get you auditions for TV/Film. Some people may tell you it won't take 1-2 years if you're good, but it does. No GOOD agent will take some one with less. You need an agent for movies and TV. If you show up with little/no training, no agent, and an empty resume, they will turn you away at the door. There are cases like Kristen Stewart, where actors/actresses have been "discovered," but those cases are VERY rare and based completely on being in hate right place at the right time, which very few are.

    I wish you Good Luck, and I hope you know that to be good in acting, it takes much experience, lots of training, and tons of talent! GOOD LUCK! :)

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    I'll be blunt. You're now not going to be a popular actress. The odds are extraordinarily stacked towards you. Go get lunch in LA, and you're going to meet multiple actress/waitress who desires to be the following megastar. To be sincere, your odds are even worse. Now that Sandra Bullock is a celeb, she will also be choosy approximately what she does. An actor who has now not made it giant takes any and each and every viable function, hoping to get spotted. If that implies making a song on a cat meals commericial, you do it. Only being in a single exhibit isn't a well begin. A few popular actors make giant cash, however the leisure cannot even aid themselves with appearing. Are you going to be the only in one million who hits it giant? Probably now not. If you cross the clinical monitor, you'll be able to make a well dwelling. Even in case you cannot relatively make it into clinical university, you'll be able to cross to PA university or NP university or get your MSN, and you're going to make a well dwelling.

  • Anonymous
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    They never just *let* people on Disney they have had MANY years of acting experience and agents. He saved you from a stupid scam. Be in plays and take acting classes. I am tired of giving advice on these type questions.

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    You have to have lots of experience. So, get some classes, community theatre, school shows, and then when high school rolls around, you'll have experience to get into a performing arts high school, or do lots of drama at a regular high school

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