Why don't women have to register for the draft?

In 1981 Robert Goldberg sued to have women register for the draft. According to everything I have read, he won the case. So why do women still not have to register for the draft?


While all of these answers are informative, they aren't really answering my question. I realize that there is no draft. However all males between 18 and 25 still have to register for it. The supreme court ruled in Goldberg's favor 6-3. Maybe I just don't know how law works very well, but doesn't that mean he would win and women would then have to start registering for the draft?

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    Rostker v. Goldberg, 453 U.S. 57 (1981),[1] was a decision of the United States Supreme Court holding that the practice of requiring only men to register for the draft was constitutional.

    Supreme Court of the United States

    Argued March 24, 1981

    Decided June 25, 1981

    Full case name Bernard Rostker, Director of Selective Service et al. v. Robert L. Goldberg et al.


    The Act's registration provisions do not violate the Fifth Amendment. Congress acted well within its constitutional authority to raise and regulate armies and navies when it authorized the registration of men and not women.

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    1) There is no draft.

    2) When there is a draft, they need combat arms positions. Women cannot be in most of those positions. The jobs that women can fill are generally over strength and do not need to be filled by draftees. Look at Vietnam for example: There were draftees who were mainly infantry. There were volunteers, but volunteers get to pick their job and often go to something in a support field that gets them a job after their service.

    3) If they did do that, all they have to do is use your SSN, TPID number or A#. The need for a registration would actually go away since they could just look up the ages they need in those databases.

    So bottom line, there just is no need for it.

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    "According to everything I have read, he won the case."

    You didn't read very much.

    The link below has the full text of the Supreme Court's findings. It's only about a page long and very easy to read, as well. It's definitely worth checking out.

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    Because they are at home taking care of the families children.

    It's not a sexist thing, its a completely practical thing. Besides, women during war time became the workers of the mills where our war supplies were produced, they were just as part of the war as the men.

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    Do you also want to go into combat?Do you want your leg amputated at the knee after stepping on a mine?Do you wat to be burned over 70% of your body when an AFV "brews up"?Do you want both ear drums blown out?Do you want to lose half of your face in an explosion.Do you REALLY want women drafted

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    eh it's not like we can put them in the front lines

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