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Christian artists? Can anyboddy help me to find some of them?

Hey! :)) Well, hmm... I'm just trying to find new music, Christian music actually. I was wodering... Can you guys help me to find some of them? I was looking for some of them on yt, but I want more. What kind of music you think is the right one for me? I like worship songs with menaful lyrics, country, gospel,blues,house, pop-rock. All Christian. :)) Im new, so.. Can u help this sister to find more music so she can change her Ipod library?!?!! :))) Thx! God Bless You All, Brothers and Sisters.!! :DD <3 Thx!! <3

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    Do you know of any good Christian music?

    If you like normal Christian contemporary rock, acoustic, alternative, independent, and a little bit of movie-themed instrumental, then I would highly recommend getting...

    "The Music Inspired by the Story"

    (My Ultra Specialized Re-Mixed Version):

    Disc 1 (Old Testament):

    1. I Am (Creation) (Overture) by Bernie Herms

    2. Good (Adam & Eve) by Matthew West & Leigh Nash

    3. Noah (Noah & the Flood) by Aaron Spiro *

    4. Who But You (Abraham & Sarah) by Mark Hall & Megan Garrett

    5. Broken Praise (Job) by Todd Smith

    6. Bend (Joseph) by Brandon Heath

    7. It Must Be You (Moses) by Bart Millard

    8. Bring Us Home (Joshua) by Michael Tait, Blanca Callahan & Lecrae

    9. I'm With You (Ruth & Naomi) by Nichole Nordeman & Amy Grant

    10. Your Heart (David) by Chris Tomlin

    11. Ecclesiastes (Solomon) by Tim Hughes *

    12. Born For This (Esther) by Mandisa

    13. Jonah (Jonah & the Whale) by Graham Stookey *

    14. Hosea's Song (Hosea & Gomer) by Luke Brawner *

    15. Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah) by Zach Hardison *

    Disc 2 (New Testament):

    1. How Many Kings (Word made Flesh) by Downhere *

    2. Be Born In Me (Mary) by Francesca Battistelli

    3. Joseph's Song (Joseph & Mary) by Brad Doyle *

    4. John the Baptist (Prophet John) by Jon Thurlow *

    5. Nicodemus's Song (Nicodemus) by Ryan Brown *

    6. Zacchaeus (Young Zacchaeus) by Bluebird Kid Clark *

    7. Hem of your Garment (Woman) by Mary-Jo Joyce *

    8. Rich Man (Young Richman & Us) by Matthew Craig *

    9. Walk On the Water (Peter & Us) by Britt Nicole *

    10. By Your Side (Call & Love of Jesus) by Tenth Avenue North *

    11. Alive (Mary Magdalene) by Natalie Grant

    12. Doubting Thomas (Thomas) by Nickel Creek *

    13. Empty (Disciples) by Dan Haseltine & Matt Hammitt

    14. Alpha Omega (John's Revelation) *

    15. Rise (Following Jesus & Rapture) by Michael W. Smith *

    Disc 3 (Good & Average Bonus Songs) (or Dance & Relaxation Music):

    1. In the Beginning (Creation) by Farukh Mamadaliyev *

    2. Come Raggio Di Soleil (God) by Anael *

    3. Able (Cain and Abel) by Aaron Spiro *

    4. The Tower of Babel (Babylon) by Anael *

    5. Jacob's Ladder (Jacob) by Sam Barry *

    6. Samson (Samson The Judge) by Lower Lights Burning *

    7. No Compromise (Daniel) by Peter Furler (x)

    8. How Love Wins (Thief) by Steven Curtis Chapman (x)

    9. Peter's Denial (Peter) by Brian LoPiccolo

    10. When Love Sees You (Jesus) by Mac Powell (x)

    11. Move In Me (Paul) by Jeremy Camp (x)

    12. The Great Day (2nd Coming) by Michael W. Smith & Darlene Zschech

    Side Note 1:

    You can purchase the Album titled "Music inspired from the Story" at Amazon or Itunes. The star symbol * next to certain songs on my list are additional songs I purchased off Itunes to create my own specialized Itunes' playlists for "the Story". You can preview these additional songs on Itunes to see if they are to your liking (of course). The (x) next to the songs on the Bonus Playlist (Or Disc 3) suggest that the songs are merely average.

    Anyways, if you like my list, this is what your purchase list would look like on Itunes:

    1. "Music inspired by the Story" ~ (Various Artists)

    2. "Able" by Aaron Spiro

    3. "Noah" by Aaron Spiro

    4. "Ecclesiastes" by Tim Hughes

    5. "Jonah" by Graham Stookey

    6. "Hosea's Song" by Luke Brawner

    7. "Wonderful Counselor" by Zach Hardison

    8. "How Many Kings" by Downhere

    9. "Joseph's Song" by Brad Doyle

    10. "John the Baptist" by Jon Thurlow

    11. "Nicodemus's Song" by Ryan Brown

    12. "Zacchaeus" by Bluebird Kid Clark

    13. "Hem of your Garment" by Mary-Jo Joyce

    14. "Rich Man" by Matthew Craig

    15. "Walk On the Water" by Britt Nicole

    16. "By Your Side" by Tenth Avenue North

    17. "Doubting Thomas" by Nickel Creek

    18. "Alpha Omega" by Justin Law

    19. "Rise" by Michael W. Smith

    20. "In the Beginning" by Farukh Mamadaliyev

    21. "Come Raggio Di Soleil" by Anael

    22. "The Tower of Babel" by Anael

    23. "Jacob's Ladder" by Sam Barry

    24. "Samson" by Lower Lights Burning

    25. "Peter's Denial" by Brian LoPiccolo


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    There is sooo much to choose from!

    Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman for Worship

    Third Day


    DC Talk

    Toby Mac

    Audio Adrenaline

    Nicole C. Mullin (my favorite!)



    Michael W. Smith

    Nicole Nordeman

    OC Supertones (Another favorite)

    And lots more...

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    When it comes to worship I totally recommend:

    When it comes to other genres, I encourage you to check out a couple of online radio stations, that way you will hear new songs, and when you find something you like, can find more from that artist via YT, or another thing is to go to and type in the artist, it will then show recommendations of similar artists (do research though as some recommendation may not be christian):

    Oh yeah the stations lol this is a youth based station that covers a variety of genres (covers more the CMM spectrum including all the genres you mentioned)

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  • 8 years ago

    I would suggest The Greenes, Karen Peck and new river, The Hoppers, David Phelps (does a mix of gospel music), The Martins, Taranda Greene.

    This link will take you to the group i use to sing with, im the blonde singing lead!

    Youtube thumbnail

    Source(s): love of southern gospel music!
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  • I'm a metalhead and rock fan so i like


    Theocracy *AMAZING*




    Switchfoot is not metal so you'd probably like them.

    @Onigiri the Poe

    Five Finger Death punch sucks really badly. Listen to Thrice and Neurosis.

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  • 8 years ago

    Check out the band Jesus Culture

    Their new album was released Nov 29 and was one of the most downloaded albums on Itunes when it came out.

    Youtube thumbnail

    (the rest of the songs on the album are on the side panelin the Youtube suggestion box, their all worth downloading).

    Also look up Kim Walker from Jesus Culture as a solo artist

    Youtube thumbnail

    Bryan and Katie Torwalt

    Youtube thumbnail

    Misty Edwards

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Audra Lynn

    Youtube thumbnail

    Bethel Church (Steffany Frizzell & Jeremy Riddle)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Brooke Fraser

    Youtube thumbnail

    JJ Heller

    Youtube thumbnail

    Phil Wickham

    Youtube thumbnail

    As for old school traditional Gospel try Mahalia Jackson and James Cleveland.

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  • 8 years ago

    Oh, there is this great one that I know you'll just absolutely love~!

    Although the name may sound misleading, it is actually a very calm, relaxing band that sings about Jesus and whatnot...

    Five Finger Death Punch.

    God bless~!

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