Female lawyer dress code: Can only wear skirts in courtroom?

Is it true that female lawyers are required to wear skirts, and not allowed to wear pants, in a courtroom?

This came up in an episode of the Good Wife, where a judge chastised a female lawyer for wearing a pants suit, stating that it is required for male lawyers to wear ties, and female lawyers to wear skirts, in the courtroom. Is this dress code accurate? It's the first I've ever heard of this, however, it would explain why all the female lawyers I've seen on tv shows always wear skirt suits rather than pants. Is it true that female lawyers have to wear skirts and have no choice in the matter?

I attended a co-ed private school, and we had a similar dress code with our uniform. I remember there was one female student who was quite angry about this dress code, however, the school did not refrain female students from participating in any of the activities male students participated in. The way we were expected to wear our uniform was just the rules.

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    TV lawyers are dressed by the costume department. Please don't think for a minute that *anything* you see on TV related to law is even remotely close to reality.

    That said, in some courts, in some places, in front of some judges, it would be an unwritten rule for women to appear in skirt suits only. Real lawyers (not TV lawyers) if they're good, learn this quickly from networking with local practitioners. Bad lawyers learn it from the disapproving looks they get in the courtroom.

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    It's not a rule, but almost always a female laywer will wear skirts and nylons to look professional, trousers are seen as disrespecful to the court. Workplaces should return to the skirts-only rules of 15-20 years ago

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    I've seen it in a judge's courtroom rules about 15 years ago. That was the only one and he retired shortly after I saw the rule. None of the other judges stated this. Also this certain judge HATED one certain color and this was also in the courtroom rules. Issues much LOL?

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