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Why do ELFs hate SONEs?

They're always fighting and I don't know why....

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    ELFs and Sones have 2 of the biggest fandoms in kpop. I am both an elf and a sone, and I know what you're taking about. On EVERY snsd or super junior video, there is always a fight between the 2 fandoms. Its stupid.

    There may be lots of reasons why they always fight.

    1) They have no life, all they do is protect their favourite group, so if a elf sees a bad comment from a sone, they will go on a snsd video and hate on them.

    2) Elfs think that snsd is hogging all the attention since snsd and super junior are from the same company. Snsd is more popular so their company focuses more on them and less on super junior, so they hate on snsd. (I guess its true, but theres nothing snsd or super junior can do about it)

    3) Both groups are very close, since they are under the same company. They often have schedules together, and when you're with a group of people for a while, you most likely will become friends. Many fans are jealous of this, and hate on the other group saying things like "shes a whore, donghae is mine" or "ew shes not even pretty, why is he friends with her?"

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    I can relate to this question VERY well :)

    1) Both groups (SJ & SNSD) are really popular groups, and they are always in competition for big awards such as Daesung. The incident in 2010 made ELFs' and Sones' relationship worse, when SNSD won Daesung in GDA instead of SJ. Luckily SJ won Daesung this year 2011 or else it would have been worse :/

    2) Both groups are really close to each other so there ought to be scandals that selfish and thoughtless people make up. Thus, people believe them and start hating each other.

    3) ELFs don't like Sones cause' some Sones are really rude... not all, but some. :/

    Haters to the left ^^

    Source(s): ELF <3
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    Because each fandom thinks their group is superior when really they all need to realise everyone has different tastes and that they can be a fan of who they want. I wish the groups would get along... I never understood why people have to make their hate for another group so public. I'm a SONE but I don't hate any other k-pop group at all. I think they're all extremely hard-working, talented and awesome in their own way!

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    There's so many ELFS SONES(like me) but the minority that is bad is the one that catches attention. and a lot of ELFs beleive SM is biased towards snsd and a lot of sones think all ELFs hate SNSD.

    I guess so many misunderstandings. But since suju and snsd are always together and releasing selcas together, many people start calming down.

    Source(s): ELF and a SONE
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    I'm a HUGE E.L.F. & I don't hate SONEs...

    I'm guessing it's because of the fact that they are "Super Junior's" female counterpart. They seem to always get better MVs and everything. Also,SM let them release an album for the U.S.

    During the Golden Disk Awards of 2010, many E.L.F.s felt that SNSD "stole" the DAESANG from them.

    I guess no matter what group you are, there is always some hate here and there...

    Well, I mean, there ARE SONEs who hate E.L.F. right?

    Or am I wrong?

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    im an elf and im kinda a sone too :P

    i guess many people were jealous because a lot of member from SNSD have like "scandal" or "dating" Suju's member

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    What do you mean

    -BlackJack Lovers#2ne1!!?

    well i don't like soners because they say a lot of crap

    people are like that>>aka criticism

    I dont hate soners because they are just fans like me

    People just dont like the group!

    Oh yeah and im not an ELF im just a wonderer explorer on G.G's page

    Source(s): Im a blackjack lover#2ne1!! AN ANTI OF SNSD :)
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    It's just zit-faced 12-years old girls with nothing better to do. Don't bother. Fan fights have been going on since Spice girls, Backstreet boys and Caught In The Act.

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    eehh, i dont know too, its not the artists fault actually, usually fans act to harshly

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