Help with The Giver by Lois Lowry?!?

I need help with The Giver for english class. Please try to answer all the questions below, or at least give a lead? I've already answered a few of them, and please tell me if they make sense and how I can edit/change them to make them better. Thanks so much to everyone ahead of time, and I WILL pick a best answer so please remember to be thorough if possible.


1. What is the author's purpose in writing this book?

2.Describe the Internal Conflict and its antagonist, and the External Conflict and it antagonist.

3. Discuss an example of irony found in the book: 3. In The Giver, irony is shown when the ending of the story, Jonas doesn’t really get to where he wants to be. While reading The Giver, I thought that Jonas would escape and then go to somewhere new. After reading the story, I realize that it was probably only a hallucination. Jonas hallucinated that him and Gabriel had reached the village while he was freezing in the snow. I know that he hallucinated it, because once I thought about it, what happened to Jonas and Gabriel was just too perfect. It’s extremely unlikely that he would have come to a hill that looked just like the hill from the memory of his sled, and then come upon an identical sled waiting to take him to the bottom of the hill. So, I believe he was hallucinating. This is an example of irony because it was the opposite of what I thought would happen. I thought that he would have really found a place to go, but instead I now believe that he froze to death and hallucinated at the end of the story.

4. Analyze an example of symbolism found in the novel: In The Giver symbolism is used with Gabriel. I think that Gabriel is a symbol of hope for Jonas. Jonas believes in Gabriel, because Gabriel hasn’t learned how the people in their community act and understand things. So, he understands the memories that Jonas transmits to him.

5. Explain the climax of the story: The climax of the story was when Jonas found out that when his father “releases” children, he actually kills them. When he found out, he was upset and frustrated. He had been getting more and more upset with his community as he found out more about it, but this made him especially mad. This is when he decided to change things.

6.Does the protagonist change throughout the story? If so, present the difference and what caused the change to occur.

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    Honestly, there is not much I can help you with, sadly. You've done great work! Here are some suggestions for the ones you did not complete:

    1) This question is not asking you for a factual answer. Instead, it is really asking why you believe the author wrote the book. I had this question when I read it as well and you really have to get philosophical. Really think, in depth, about why the author wanted to write the book for the public. You might want to state any insecurities that you think the author might have had and any reason for writing it. Don't look online for that answer, think deeply about Lowry's feelings while she wrote it ;).

    2) For the Internal Conflict, think about what Jonas is feeling and why he might have wanted to leave the city. Think about everything that is happening within the "families" and think of all the memories that he has to hold. Who might be the ANTAGONIST to his wanting to leave and go to a happier place?

    For the External Conflict, think about what is going on in the city. Think about the different people that control the families and the workers. Don't think about external as in when he leaves the city. Really think about what is holding him back from doing anything of that nature.

    6) Lastly, take into account the changes that go on in Jonas from his need to get a good job and have a family to the time he wants to leave and the struggles he goes through to do so. This question is actually fairly easy, don't overthink the words. They are simply asking you to find change in Jonas and why that change happened. WHY does he want to get a good job but later wants to leave? WHY does he try to leave after wanting the job?

    Good Luck! I hope it helped a little bit (I know it's not what you asked for, but I hope it helped anyways!).

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