Is Arbor Day Now Called Earth Day?

Or is it something different?

Also, I heard Arbor Day is celebrated on different days in different states.

Is this true?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Arbor Day was founded in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska City, Nebraska. By the 1920s, each state in the United States had passed public laws that stipulated a certain day to be Arbor Day or Arbor and Bird Day observance.

    The national holiday is celebrated every year on the last Friday in Apri

    The term is judged as property of the public domain by a case settled in October 1999. Today anyone can use the term "Arbor Day" as well as hold their own Arbor Day celebration.

    Earth Day is now observed on April 22

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    Is Arbor Day Now Called Earth Day?

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