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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 8 years ago

is a home the families or just the fathers?

so I have a question my husband and i have disagreements on this and I want to know what is the standard thoughts on this.

My husband is the one that makes the house payments I'm a stay at home mom and he brings home the paycheck.

so of course he makes the payments.

to me the house car ect is the families him me and the kids they are family things. of course the kids would have no say in selling them or something like that and when they get old enough to move on in life then they get their own home but while they are still young it is ours.

to my husband it is his house that he allows us to live in but it is his not ours,

so my question is it a home the husbands, the husbands and wife or the families. thanks


the car is also his and so on. you know I really am seeing so many things that If the kids were not young and I was so against a split family, but I hate the way marriage ends so easy now a days and I'm determined to make this work. I just have a hard time and right now I'm being nit picky I know because I recently found out he had been cheating on me so I"m still going through the pain stage and starting to notice a lot of things. the wound will heal I just have a few questions that I like to see what others feel thanks

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  • 8 years ago
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    "The home" is the whole families "home"....your husband is's better to be from a split home then an unhappy home. I'd leave that cheating selfish jerk.......!!!!!

    Source(s): was from an unhappy home then a split home now a mother and wife
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  • 8 years ago

    The family boy your husband is mean if he"allows" you to stay there I would tell him fine I'm packing up me and the kids so we can have our home and you'll pay child support and spouse support

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