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What repressed energies does Jupiter in 12th house Pisces represent?

I read in a book by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas (don't make me quote the title again, I'm a Sag, I hate detail) that planets in the 12th house represent a family history of suppressing certain energies. Moon there can show emotions are not openly expressed in the family. Venus can show affection is not openly expressed in the family (and I can think of two people I know that fit this description), Mars can show hostility and aggression are not openly expressed in the family (again two examples come to mind that fit here).

But what would Jupiter here represent? The desire to expand one's horizons is suppressed? The desire to teach, philosophise and entertain is suppressed? Heh, I discontinued my master's degree and now I am beginning to think that may fit here as well although both my parents have a Master's degree. Wondering how this fits here and as usual I am struggling to remain objective with my own things. Much easier to see other people with three planets in 7th house and South Node Libra conjunct DC than to see myself.

Also that could mean compassion (Pisces) is not openly expressed? I would agree here, that's why I don't feel comfortable around Pisces. You are sick, they go "ohh, poor thing" and I go, what the hell? No one empathised at home, you feel bad, you need to find a way to feel better and that's that. Now when people want me to empathise with them I have great difficulty doing that which extends to not being able to empathise with myself I guess. At the same time there might be this unspoken scenario of the "victim" (Pisces). I think my mother was not happy in either of her two marriages but just took it as it was. Never dared to look any further. It did seem like a sacrifice sorta and what my grandmother did for my grandfather too. So the Pisces topic fits here. But how does Jupiter fit in?

For those of you who are willing to look further, you can try reading about family script. It's basically unwritten rules that pass from one generation to the next and you live your life unconsciously trying to modify it so that it will fit the script. Scary thought but very revealing once you begin to dig deeper.


I think Pisces also fits in as in whatever people do to you just take it as it is. Not openly expressed but after all the women in my family took a lot of sh*t from their men and when I think about it they did almost nothing if anything at all to stop it. My mother divorced my father (and he was quite abusive from what I hear, both physically and sexually) only to marry another man who was not physically or sexually abusive but is what I would call a subtle way of being verbally abusive by kinda talking the whole time about himself and my mother standing there just listening to it. So in essence she didn't take any measures to stop that either. Both my mother and my grandmother had Mars in Libra.

I find myself somewhat in the same situation, people would talk to me about their problems for like half an hour (or more) straight and I would just nod the whole time (much what my mother did) because I need to be compassionate and let them express themselves because oh, they have such t

Update 2:

... they have such terrible lives. And that is why I don't want to be a therapist because I hate all that trying to empathise with other people. Which is why I do it for free with my friends, ha ha.

And my bosses practically cut 2/3 of my pay in a quite unfair way and I did nothing about it. Gotta show understanding, gotta show compassion for people's motives. People do you wrong, just lay back and do nothing about it because them poor souls are so troubled and that's why they do what they do. No one ever said that openly but it looks like that was the motto. And at times I want to rebel and stick up for things but there's always this impulse of show compassion, understand why they are doing it. But I don't want to show compassion the whole time, it sucks. And now I am whining like there's nothing I can do about it which is again Pisces's victim complex. Man, analysing is scary sh*t.

Update 3:

That's why I said marry me but no, you have to be chasing Leo tail. My ex is a Leo Sun and has been chasing a girl for four years. There's something seriously wrong with all of you.

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    Jupiter in the 12th or any planet for that matter does not necessarily mean some memory is repressed. I think for you it could be that you over think or have an obsession with thoughts...maybe when you should be resting your mind it is hard for you to turn it off.

    I have a stellium in the 12th including Jupiter and have always seen the blessing that comes with this house. Jupiter is connective energy that relates your personal planets to the higher octave planets. If you look at the whole chart,you can better understand the energy...more like what you unconsciously take in regarding your surroundings.So if you have a lot of mixed messages or very clear signals in absorb it and record becomes the blessing or the curse...but remember this is your doing and what you allow / believe to plant seeds ,grow and thrive.

    Jupiter in the 12th wants truth..not repression.See all your energies that make you a whole person. Jupiter is not about fragments..but reaching beyond your capabilities.

    Learn to quiet the mind and let the thoughts come to you..don't always pursue the thought.

    Source(s): SN conj Sun conj Uranus conj Jupiter conj Mercury from the 12th h of Cancer
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    I disagree that it's only repressed energies. Who decided? I also have Jupiter in Pisces in 12h house. One word comes to mind with this for me-TRANSCENDENCE. In my life, that has it's own meaning. One thing that could never be said about me is that I lack compassion or the ability to show it. Since I can remember, my WHOLE life, I've been the one always extending my concern to others'. People always come to me when in some sort of crisis. I do also work by profession as a counselor. My immediate family life was very secure and functional but maybe that's where it ends. I do not really deal with other family members outside of my immediate one because they really haven't wanted to be bothered. I know astrologers have their own meanings but I try not to rely too much on what another human, like myself, tells me about MYSELF.

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    If you were selfish like me, you would be in happy lala land while theyre talking. Only to come back to reality, and say Holy F bomb!! I spazzed out the whole time.

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