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If the United States Declared war on North Korea?

Let me pose a hypothetical question. Let's say the United States tells North Korea: "You have a certain amount of time to dis arm your military and remove soldiers from the D.M.Z and declare yourself a democratic nation or we will declare war on your country". What happens next?

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    The North Koreans respond with their usual rhetoric and posturing, and then laugh because they know we won't.

    Declaring North Korean a democracy tomorrow isn't going to work. The situation is a lot more complicated than that.

    Source(s): Active-duty Navy with many visits to Korea.
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    actually the liberal information become reporting it to boot, Sanctions would be positioned into result and china is backing us with sanctions to N. Korea to boot.....S.korea has already sanctioned stuff from n korea to boot.....yet regrettably , this in effortless terms hurts the folk of N korea , no longer the dictator jong II, he's have been given a lot of stuff in his disney international palace....he even has a wave pool, I study this text from an ex bodyguard, it become an outdated article....

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    We plummet into another cold war/arms race.

    It's almost like a bully at school. You can do one of two things, stand up to him and hope you scare him off, or ignore him completely even though you still would like to seek revenge.

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    Same thing that happened in the 1950's.

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