Do ethnic Russians in Kazakhstan have the same accent as Russians in Russia?

Hi, I understand that the vast majority speaks Russian (and quite fluently) in Kazakhstan regardless of their ethnic background. I also understand that the Russians in Kazakhstan largely have preserved their ethnic, cultural and linguistic identity forming tight communities all throughout the country.

I was wondering, though...

1) Do Russians in Kazakhstan speak Russian with the same accent as people in Russia? Take Moscow as an example.

2) Would Russians from Kazakhstan (who have been living in Kazakhstan for generations, I assume) stand out once they're in Russia as being "different" from the local population in Russia?

3) Is there a lot of racism in Kazakhstan today among different ethnicities?

4) Are there non-Kazakhs (including but not limited to Russians) in Kazakhstan that speak fluent Kazakh? Or is Kazakh a language that's largely restricted to ethnic Kazakhs even though it's one of the two official languages of the country?

5) Are there many places in big cities for foreigners to learn Kazakh and Russian?


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    1) Russians in Kazakhstan speak same way (accent) as Russians from Russia.

    2) Some Russians (from Kazakhstan) that moved to Russia complained that they were called "Kazakhs" even though the looked obviously Slavic.

    3) There is some racism in Kazakhstan depending which part of Kazakhstan. I know that south of Kazakhstan is more racist where north is not.

    If you'll ask Russians from Kazakhstan, some will answer that there is a lot of tension and there are being mistreated, and some other russians will say that everything is fine.

    Most of racist Kazakhs are from rural areas (villages) and they are very poorly educated.(marginals)

    4) Number of not ethnic Kazakhs that can speak Kazakhs increased dramatically but still is not very common. On south you'll meet a lot of Russians that can speak Kazakhs where on the North you'll see a lot Kazakhs that can't speak a word in Kazakh.

    5) Not really sure about that, but I'm sure you'll be able to find some in case you find yourself there.

    People in Kazakhstan are very warm, you'll be invited to a lot places and if you won't stuff yourself they'll get insulted.(Not like fighting you or hold grudge against you ) And they will try to get you drunk.

    I hope you'll find it helpful and sorry for my poor English skills, I'm still working on it.

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    Interesting to note that Russian speakers who immigrate to Canada are more or just as often from Kazakhstan than from the Russian Federation. The ones I've met speak 'standard' Russian and attended Russian-language schools. Not one knows Kazakh, a branch of the Turkic family.

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    they are all interior the comparable united states and called Russian Federation. Russian Federation facilitates some federal matters to have slightly of independence. Ex: Tatarstan can attain its classic language and faith (Russia has over a hundred and fifty diverse ethnicities and a great variety of of them have their own language an custom). a great variety of the federal matters that have their own ethnicity or language are seen Republics (it very very nearly sound like they are self reliant, yet they are actually not ). right this moment, Russian Federation is many times a rustic of little countries!!!!! Its social gathering is United Russia.

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    Russian in Kazakhstan speak with the same accent as people in Russia but people from Moscow have slight different accent but the difference is minimal, so don't worry.

    That's all I know, sorry. Hope it helps.

    Source(s): I'm Russian, know lot of Kazakhs
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