Ip/Router/minecraft/Port-forwarding Help?

i have made a bukkit minecraft server and it worked fine for a couple of weeks then i got a new router on Thursday 12th and since then i can connect through the ivp4 address but i can't connect through my public ip and my friend can't connect. my port forwarding is fine and yes i have put the right port in 25565 i think it might be the settings on my router. i have also tried deleting the minecraft server and try again but no luck.

please help. Btw I have a virgin superhub. Would it be to do with the router firewall?

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  • Adrian
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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    If you changed the router, it may be in a different subnet than the old one, making your server's static lan IP invalid (possibly). You have to go back and re-check the server IP, make sure it is valid for the router you have, then re-do the port forwarding to the server's IP again.

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