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What breeds are my dogs?

I have 2 dogs that just showed up at my house one day. I believe they were "dropped out" and possibly abused. The reason I believe that they were dropped out is because they are very civilized and not shy like most 'wild' stray dogs that I have come into contact with. I think their previous owner just decided they didn't want them anymore. I believe they were possibly abused because they are extremely timid (if you just pick up a stick they cower) and they had a few spot on their bodies where the hair was thinned a little. But I have had them now for about 6 months and they are now very healthy with beautiful coats! They appear to be about a year old. I am trying to figure out their breeds so I can know what to expect about their behaviors and traits. I know certain breeds have certain traits and it is very helpful to know what they are for training purposes. I believe they are very possibly from the same litter b/c they appear to be the same age, they have a few physical similarities, and their personalities are about the same. They both already knew the command "sit" and sometimes "stay". Anyways...they both appear to have Lab in them (especially the brown one) but the black/tan one has me stumped. While he appears to have some Lab, it doesn't appear to be as much as the other one and his coloring doesn't match a Lab. I know its probably a long-shot trying to figure this out, but I am very curious.

Here is the link to some pictures:

And here is some information that might aid in determining their breeds:

- Duke (black/tan/white) -

*digs very deep and large holes. But not due to boredom or burying something. he appears to do so b/c he smells something in the ground, like bugs.

*very timid and emotional. sometimes it appears that he is going to break down and cry at any moment. its very sad.

*jumps pretty high

*licks ALOT

*barks often, but not if I am in the same area as he is. He's not barking at me, b/c when I check on him he is facing the opposite direction. I never see anything, but he must think something is there.

*does not like the vet's office

- Sam (brown) -

*quite intelligent

*is the one most likely to growl at something or someone (though I've only seen it happen twice, and both times were warranted. Someone unknown to him had approached us on our property.)

*not much of a digger.

*not much of a jumper either.

*a little more on the lazy side.

*loves to give hugs and tries to sit in my lap, but he is entirely too big for that!

*he appears to be the more 'dominant' one.

*LOVES going to the vet's office!

Thanks for any help!!

Oh and "mutt" is not a breed, so please do not suggest it. I understand that, by definition, that is what they are. But I do not like that word, it's degrading in my opinion.


Sisyphus - It's people like you that make asking questions here useless! If you can't answer the f*ck!ng question with the respect that I have requested then you just simply shouldn't answer!!

All I would like to know is what possible breeds these dogs could be made up of.

Your disrespectful response was not wanted, and I had requested not to receive that type of answer.

I know what my dogs are, by definition. But you wouldn't want to be called a meaningless, ignorant, disrespectful, @sshole, which by definition, is what I think of you right now!

Update 2:

@Sisyphus - AGAIN!! - No one is refusing to accept reality. I already stated that I know that by definition they are "mutts". I simply wanted some advice as to what breeds they are possibly made up of, so that I would know how to properly train them. The only person not willing to accept anything is you. You are not willing to accept that your response is stupid, immature, disrespectful and not wanted.

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    Duke (black/tan/white) is a German Shepherd / Lab mix.

    Sam (brown) is a Pitbull / Lab mix.

    Hope I helped. Have a nice day! Bye! :-)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Best suggestion take ( Sam ) the one that does not mind the vets office and have them look at him they can more than likely give you a better answer than you will find here . Most will just guess I am not going to because i don't know the dog and can't give you a definitive answer .

    From the colors and the colors only sound's like a possible Lab / Shepard mix . Just a Guess .

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    MUTTS...NOT "breeds"...100% mutt/mongrel/random-bred/stray

    MUTT is a fact,not "degrading"-get over it.

    Mutt to mongrel to cur to street-dog...MUTT.

    Vets do *NOT* know squat about purebred dogs & CAN'T magically guess what sort of MUTT any mongrel is.

    Refusing to accept reality is certifiably INSANE...poor thing

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