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Should I sell or keep my PS3 and buy a Xbox 360 instead of the PS3 & is the xbox 360 better gaming system?

I mean Xbox live is much better and much safer than PSN cause PSN got hacked and it was good for Sony Part and they lose lot of money and Fans of the hacked & outage and the Xbox 360 gets DLC first and the multiplats are much better on the 360 than they do on the PS3 and the PS3 exclusives aren't selling very well cause nobody are buying the PS3 exclusives and the 360 has the bigger library of games while the PS3 has very limited library of games and I agree that the PS3 has the better exclusives games than the Xbox 360 does and they look better than the Xbox 360 exclusives but the multiplats are horrible and bad on the PS3 cause it made first on the 360 than later port to the PS3.

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    I would recommend you to go for the xbox since you would get:

    - Better online

    - Better controller

    - Better graphics in the 3rd party titles.

    - Map packs reach faster.

    - Kinect

    - Gow, halo, fable etc

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    But if you prefer to stay with the PS3 than good luck!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    In the end, this debate comes down to two or three points

    XBOX Online > PS3 Online

    PS3 Video Quality > XBOX Quality

    As far as exclusive titles and DLC are concerned it depends on the franchises you like. If you are a huge fan of Uncharted or Little Big Planet or God of War then the PS3 is worth having. If you are a big online player and like titles like Halo or Gears of War then XBOX is the way to go. I still keep my PS3 even though I don't use it much - if for nothing other than the blue ray compatibility. I recommend unless you need the cash that you do the same!

  • 8 years ago

    Xbox 360 Is a better experience (playstation 3 has better spec than original xbox 360 not sure about the new black ones) the xbox hinge screen is far easier to use and way more useful than ps3 home screen. Xbox trends to have better exclusive content (exclusive content is content that you can only get on xbox like gears of war for example) the only ps3 only game that I want to get is the last of us, most of the other ps3 content isn't that great. plus whenever I game in psn it seems like is harder to find a decent match and I get more lag than xbox live

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    Ps3 does not have better graphics, there are just as good in their own ways. The most important factor: Who are you going to want to play ONLINE with? xbox live has the best online service ever, but if your friends are playing on the other one, might as well go for it.

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  • 8 years ago

    i have both so im not going to be biased but both are about the same really, there only difference is the online on xbox is better but costs a bit, dont worry about ps3 being hacked again they sorted out there securaty now. i got the ps3 when it came out and its fine, i got the new x box about 7 months ago and its been fine too but makes a loud noise which can be annying.

    The only reason i brought the xbox is so i could play with my friends who have an xbox, id say keep the ps3.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    if more of your friends have xbox get xbox if they have ps3 stick with that. either way they're both coming out with new systems next year most likely so I'd wait off all together. Or craigslist it because I traded my wii for a 1st gen. ps3 straight up. you could find someone in the opposite situation youre in and do a full system swap potentially.

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    Xbox 360 isn't any safer, infact they try to keep their security issues underwraps unlike Sony who alerts people. Sony can't help that a couple of ******* decided to hack it.

    The only reason to play either console is because of the exclusives or friends, you like Sony exclusive so stay with PS3.

  • 8 years ago

    Better swap for an XBOX because if Sony keeps supporting SOPA, it'll go down once and for all.

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  • 8 years ago

    xbox is constantly being hacked, it's a much bigger problem than anyone knows because microsoft isn't talking about it. do some research.

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    8 years ago

    the x-box is the better gaming system.

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