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What are the names of movies, tv shows & anime where guys turn into girls? "Genderbending"?

I am looking for entertainment in the form of guys turning into girls. Such as movies, anime, tv shows, manga, comics, stories, fanfiction anything really. I like to see the ones where a guy is turned somehow into a girl and either enjoys it or ends up enjoying it. In the very least being forced to go along with acting like a girl. I know there are some out there but they are hard to find and the ones I find without a deep search are not to good and not enjoyable. I want something that a transgender boy who wishes to be a girl would enjoy watching. Thank you for anything you can think of even if it is just a name but additional information is welcomed such as if it is a movie, manga, etc. and even a short to long description of the plot. Where to find it would be awesome, even just a site where there are lists of movies etc. are like this.

I will check back here frequently to see if anyone has helped me in my search ^_^ but if you wish to contact me directly I have MSN: Yahoo: ladyalabee Facebook: all of which I will be online pretty much all the time day and night. Thank you. I hope to hear some responses soon!

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  • 9 years ago
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    TV Shows/Movies/Anime, Major or Minor:

    Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

    Big Mommas House

    To Wong Foo

    Just Deserts(1992)

    Death Stalker

    La Cage Aux Follies



    Fast Getaway

    Boy Meets World(1997 epsiode & 1999 epsiode)

    Saved by the Bell(1992 episode)

    Sorority Boys

    Dawson's Creek(1999 episode)

    Coming to America

    No Manches(2 episodes that was aired on Univision back in 2005)

    SNL(random eps from the '90s to early '00s)

    WWF/E Raw(1/12/98 ep & 10/25/99 ep)

    WWF/E Smackdown(12/2/04 episode)

    One Piece

    Juwanna Mann

    Maury(4/14/00 episode)

    Soul Eater

    Just Like a Woman

    Fantasy Island(1 ep from late 90s series)

    Manhattan AZ(2000 episode)

    Kids in the hall(TV Series)

    Jack and Jill(2011 Film)

    jim breuer show(1998 mtv series)

    Road Rules: Down Under(1 episode)

    Mrs Doubtfire

    The Crying Game

    Jamie Kennedy Expermient(some of the eps has Kennedy in Drag in it)

    He's My Girl

    Sweet November

    The World According to Garp

    Dressed to Kill

    Back to the Future II

    Girls will be Girls

    Tango & Cash

    Madea's Family Reunion

    Diary of the Mad Black Woman

    Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde

    Nutty Professor I & II

    Torch Song Trilogy

    Different for Girls

    Ranma 1/2

  • 4 years ago

    Guys Turn Into Girls

  • 9 years ago

    Well there is Ranma 1/2. Ranma is a boy but he can change into a girl when he touches hot water.

    My favorite genderbender manga is The Day Of Revolution (Kakumei no Hi) by Mikiyo Tsuda. The boy in the comic (Yoshikawa), he was actually a he but there's something wrong with his gen or chromosom or wathever then he changes to a she. And then he's trying to live his live normally, but when he went back to school, suddenly his boy friends turn to like him and try to date him.

    Last, this one isn't actually boy turn into girl, more of boy have to wear girl clothes. Check out Princess Princess by Mikiyo Tsuda. Available in manga and anime.

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