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accessible components - 中文解釋

pls help to translate below ENG sentence into Chinese, Or let me know the Chinese meaning...Thank you!

" All of above requirements only apply to accessible components"

Pls reply in Chinese!

i am not really sure...but i think the meaning is " 以上要求只適用於可接觸到的組件" ....

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    accessible components - 中文解釋

    uli, you are right. Your understanding of the meaning of the sentence is basically correct. Its translation can be:


    2012-01-17 18:27:15 補充:



    2012-01-17 18:45:33 補充:

    accessible components的 中文解釋是"可接觸到的組件”

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    ChanHo Yee,

    Will you be kind enough to share the meaning of 訪問組件 with us, please?

    Source(s): 以上所有要求只適用於可接觸到的組件“... ..
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    very very Good~

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    thisis the chinese meaing以上所有要求只適用於訪問組件

    accessible components =訪問組件

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