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Frog doesn't croak anymore?


Normally, my African clawed frog (I believe that's the breed) croaks nightly. I maintain a clean tank, and I feed it regularly.

However, for a few months it hasn't croaked at all. For the record, it's about 12 years old now (got to keep it after having it as a class pet in grade 1). Does anyone know why it doesn't croak? I just worry something is wrong or it isn't happy. Any advice?

Oh, and nothing seems different in the way it looks or the way it acts (other than not croaking, of course), so I don't believe it's sick.

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    I am still a newbie with ACFs myself, but here is what I think, for what it's worth:

    ACFs generally live about 15 years (sometimes 20). Croaking is their way of letting any females in the area know they are there and willing to mate. Maybe your little guy is starting to feel his age and doesn't care about that anymore, so he has stopped "advertising." Or maybe he has just finally given up hope of ever having a female take him up on his offer, lol.

    That's my best guess, anyway. Mine never croaks, so I don't know what that means. I'm pretty sure he's a male!

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