Help with connecting sub to older reciever!?

Ok so I just bought a polk psw10 sub but now im confused. My receiver is a Sony made in 2000. And it doesn't have the "sub out" port that is described in the directions.. I also bought speakers as well, so I have a sub and 2 speakers. im new to this so please help me figure out how to hook it all up!! :/

Thanks - J

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  • Robert
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    9 years ago
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    OK, this is an easy fix. Luckily the speaker you subwoofer you bought is equipped to handle this situation.

    Look on the back plate amp of the subwoofer. You will see speaker connections that say "Speaker Level Input" and "Speaker Level Output". These are the connections you will be using.

    Basically, instead of routing your speaker wire directly from your receiver to your speakers, you will make a detour through this subwoofer.

    To be more specific, let's use your right speaker as an example. You will connect speaker wire to the + and - output terminals of the receiver marked "right". You will then rout this speaker wire to the subwoofer + and - terminals that say "Speaker Level Input". Of course, you will want to connect it to the "right" terminals labled "right" as well. Now, connect speaker wire to the corrosponding "right" "Speaker Level Output" terminals of the subwoofer to send audio to your right speaker.

    After this is done, do the same for the left speaker.

    How does it work?

    Basically the subwoofer hijacks a small fraction of the power going to your speaker left and right speakers. Then it uses the crossover to eliminate the high and mig frequencies, so that only the bass frequencies are played. And finally, the plate amp amplifies the sound. Thus adding bass frequencies to your left and right speakers.

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