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Atheists, why do you hate religion?

I know not all of you hate religion but this is for the people who do.

Religion might sound stupid, however, it's the main reason why we have societies, and why we were encouraged to build buildings. The main reason Sumer existed was because of religion, Before Sumer, people had no connections, therefore, no societies were made because of the lack of brotherhood. But when religion was developed, people could get together and share a belief. Religion also taught us to make laws, like it being a sin to kill another human, or it being a sin to steal. Just be lucky you have the clothes on your backs.

Additional Details: I'm aware of religion causing many wars, but don't get into that.

-An Atheist.

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  • Jess H
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    8 years ago
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    Whether or not "religion" helped primitive men solidify "societies" is a moot point. In this day and age, there is not a SINGLE positive contribution religion makes to the world that could not and would not exist without religion. Religion does nothing but divide people.

    There are so many examples of the damaging effects religion has on the world, we almost couldn't even list them here. They've spent hundreds of years fighting and holding up medical and scientific research, advancement, and education. Theists try to deny gay couples the right to marry because their religion doesn't "like" it. Not only that, but they've used their religious literature to fight against human rights of ALL kinds (except their own). They tell our children that the Earth is only 6000 years old despite the fact that every single piece of evidence in existence shows that this is not true. They tell people who are starving or dying of AIDS that using condoms/birth control is "bad" because there's a magical being that might want to give them a baby. They've taught people to fear and be ashamed of their bodies and their sexuality for centuries. They've spent 2000 years jailing, torturing, and executing atheists and others who do not share their religious beliefs, and they STILL harass, discriminate against, damage the property of, and even physically assault atheists and others who do not share their beliefs. And shall we forget: witch burnings, holy wars, money-grubbing 'faith healing' charletans and televangelists, zealots flying airplanes into buildings full of people, the subjucation of women, parents letting their children DIE because they'd rather pray than take them to a doctor, theists consistently trying to force their religious beliefs into our laws, schools, and government, the ENDLESS violence over a useless sh--hole in the desert because people think it's "holy"... and the list goes ON and ON.

    There is not a SINGLE positive effect from religion in todays society that even comes CLOSE to superceding the countless problems it causes. Religion is a cancer in our world. And we would all be better off without it.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I don't hate religion but it's true many religious followers piss me off.

    "Religion might sound stupid, however, it's the main reason why we have societies"


    We have societies cos lotsa people decided to live together.

    "Religion also taught us to make laws, like it being a sin to kill another human, or it being a sin to steal."


    Every family, gang, tribe, nation, has rules of behaviour - every group develops rules.

    It starts in the home - you wouldn't spit on your mother's bed would you?

    Were you told specifically not to or did you just work it out?

    Surely it's not mentioned in bibel, huh?

    "Just be lucky you have the clothes on your backs."

    It's so hard to tell the difference between Dumb, Troll and Poe these days.

    *tips hat*


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  • =42
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    8 years ago

    Religion has certainly played a part in the development of the type of people we are today, for good and for bad. I think any fair person would agree we are better off for having had most religions than we would have been without them. Sure, it may have come at a high price, but we are still better off with people having been taught to do unto others, respect your parents, don't kill, don't steal etc etc. Or even taught that Karma will get you.

    Atheists who "hate" religion are lazy atheists. It's easier to rant and hurl abuse, or use simplistic aphorisms, than it is to argue your case. They play the man, and not the ball.

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  • Matt H
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    8 years ago

    Sure, Religion was absolutely necessary in the creation of human civilization. It helped set moral guide-lines for primitive people.

    Religion wasnt a bad thing in the Bronze-Age. The thing is, we are in the 21st century. We have science and rational thinking. Why are modern humans taking intellectually-insulting mythology as, not only fact, but worship worthy?

    Dont you think human civilization has progressed past such superstitious non-sense? Have you not read the Bible or the Quran or any other religious texts? They are absolutely barbaric. They condone slavery, pedophilia, murder, rape, torture, etc etc. And people WORSHIP these texts.

    Here is a better question: What benefits does religion bring to modern civilization? I guarantee the problems religion creates in modern society vastly out-weigh the benefits.

    Religion should be obsolete. You dont see people driving around the Ford Model T anymore. Because the Ford Model T is obsolete. Sure, it was revolutionary and necessary in the 1900s, but it is no longer relevant in the 21st century.

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  • Tim
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    8 years ago

    We could very well have a civilized, war-less, intelligent society without religion. And about building buildings, a Christian would build a church instead of a hospital. And even if religion did initially create society, we have moved past that and are ready to give it up... or at least we should be.

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  • 8 years ago

    Disagree strongly with your premise. I say that religion is NOT the reason we have societies. If anything, religion exists because Man was able to form social groups that were stable enough to start developing an oral history for storytellers.

    Societies exist, not because of religion, but because of the need for prehistoric Man to figure out how to get larger groups to live together to exploit the "strength in numbers" concept that helped early groups to survive. That isn't religion.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    degrades education

    thinks it can suspend logic and reason




    Hatred towards gays





    Insulting to the human intelligence

    Labels humans

    It's Bullshit

    Animosity towards other groups of people





    Degrades what it means to be human (did I say that already)

    EDIT: @ asker

    "however, it's the main reason why we have societies, and why we were encouraged to build buildings."

    Ummm... it's the main reason why we have all of the above, it does nothing to benefit or build societies

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Religion has a good side and bad side.

    In the old ages it did a lot of good, nowadays though it's just causing unnecessary problems that could be easily left alone.

    And it honestly just makes me feel sad to see people actually buy into all it's BS, and thank god instead of doctors and firefighters.

    The real heroes aren't getting the credit for their good deeds.

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  • gilles
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    jeros- what you spot as faith ( satisfied satisfied excitement excitement) isn't what I see as faith (unhappy unhappy hate hate ) that's portion of the area. i will admit faith or non secular human beings in the call of religion do a touch sturdy ( bringing nutrients to human beings ) yet I also see the undesirable. You admit a similar issues yet imagine the sturdy outweighs the undesirable ( noticeably in case you count number in the total heaven element and extremely absolutely ignore in regards to the total hell element ).suffering , if God exists, IS Gods fault b/c he's all-powerful. a lot a similar way in case you enable your baby play with a nest of ants and he or she receives coated with antbites it is your fault she suffers.'isn't that hypocritical?/definite, that's' - why do you ask once you're basically going to respond to?- As for hating faith, you should appreciate why we hate faith (and in no way ALL faith and in no way even all christianity. no longer the Amish as an party )- that's because we outline it as noticeably a lot the worst element to ever exist. We see it as an issue to clinical progression and hence the curing of ailments and the introduction of more advantageous fertile farming options and on and on. technological knowledge has a shown song list of assisting mankind. faith would not. faith has a song list of assisting start up wars and oppression. technological knowledge would not. So, you spot Strawberry Shortcake and we see the monster from the extraterrestrial beings video clips.

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  • Rick
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    Atheists dont "hate" religion. I dislike it because of the exact reasons you spoke about. You think that we can only be civilized by haveing an imaginary being to guide us. I find that repulsive. I think after all these years, we should stop living in the bronze age, muscle up and act likie rational human beings and not little lambs!

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