Should doctors be allowed to assist in suicide?

~ If the patient requested the doctors to end their lives, should a doctor assist them?~

I am debating about this topic in class.

I have notes on why we should support & why we shouldnt.

What are your guys opinions? & Why do you believe so?

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    8 years ago
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    Yes, as long as the patient has a terminal illness and fully understands what is going on. If no terminal illness, then no, because that patient is sufferering from a mental condition called, depression. Even with a terminal illness, the patient should be able to pass a depression test, to clear them of not being able to think in sound mind. They should be able to fully state in their own words what is going in with their diagnosis, as well as possible treatments available and what was already tried by them. If possible treatments exist, they should be tried before asssited suicide is permitted. The patient should have a right to die pain free/sufferering free, with dignity. However, since this is taking a life by one's own hands and not of a higher power ("God's will" as used in legal insurance claims) no life insurance policy should be permitted to be claimed. In other words, assisted suicide should void all insurance policies. It also goes against the code of ethics that doctors and nurses must vow to uphold, so a clause needs to be placed in that oath we take when recieving our graduating degrees. Much like abortion, medical field employees should be permitted to lean on their religion to remove them from the situation, if they desire. I'm an Atheist and even I feel it isn't morally right to force the medical field into doing something against their own religious standards. We shouldn't be wearing our religion on our sleeves, either. That's a pet peeve of mine. That being said, no one should be forced to die in uncontrolled pain, without dignity.

    Source(s): RN student who debated this numerous times :and witnessed undignified/painful deaths while working as a CNA in the field of Geriatrics :-)
  • 3 years ago

    Good Question. Both have the devout connotation. In the United States, three states adding Oregon, Montana and Vermont have legalized health practitioner assisted suicide. This is reserved for humans with a 6 month or much less diagnosis for a lifestyles threatening aliment. They are not making it a stroll within the park and require more than one request at distinctive instances or even mental trying out to peer if the individual is of sound brain. People do not fully grasp suicide. They see it as a everlasting option to a transitority challenge and as a consequence, see it as irrational. It breaks particular recommendations of lifestyles, in which each and every dwelling factor wishes to reside. However, many humans would possibly wish to kill themselves for years and even so much in their lifestyles. Basically, if any individual wishes to kill themselves seeing that of melancholy or different intellectual sickness, they're categorized as volatile or of unsound brain, that means they do not know what they wish. It may be very unlucky that even in present day age, we deal with intellectual well being sufferers like crazies. If any individual has been depressed their complete lifestyles, has sought numerous remedies and not using a optimistic end result, then why must they be denied an get away? We love to label it melancholy, but when they've been like that their complete lifestyles, then that's who they're. It may be very unhappy. Other instances, any individual reacting to anything transitority, the conventional careworn out university scholar suicides must be monitored. Obviously, it's loopy to kill your self over something that's transitority. The unlucky challenge is no one besides for the suicidal individual themselves can pass judgement on whether or not or now not this suicidal suggestion is for a transitority challenge or anything they've desired for years. Since we label any individual who wishes suicide loopy, any rational is not noted by means of medical professionals or legislation enforcement. There could also be a challenge with cash. Society demands staff. If we deny any individual suicide as an get away, then they're trapped of their lifestyles and have got to preserve running to outlive.

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    8 years ago

    Its a gray area...ethics say no but put into the patients position you would say otherwise.

    If I were the doctor and the patients asked i would say no, sure the persons in pain but its just wrong we can all feel it in our guts. If i were the patient and in immense pain of course i would consider the assisted suicide but if it came to the point that I wanted it, in the end i would respect myself and the doctor a lot more if the doctor denied the request.

  • 8 years ago

    if they gave hippocratic oath they cant do that

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    do your own dirty work.

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