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I'm looking for a new bank, is USAA a good one?

I really don't like my current bank at all, I need a new one. I already have USAA auto insurance and I like it a lot and there service is great. I'm hopping that there bank is the same... P.S i'm not in the military so I got the auto insurance from my grandpa, can I still use the bank?

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    USAA is an awesome financial services institution. I use them for everything, checking, savings, auto and renters insurance, investments, credit cards, personal loans, and CD's

    They are different as the banking arms of USAA are owned by, you guessed it, United Services Automobile Association, a Texas insurance exchange. Being so, it's essentially a not-for-profit institution.

    I've been with USAA for six years now. The only downfall I see with their banking is that if you ever need to go to a branch and your outside the San Antonio area, you're 99% SOL. If you have an iPhone, they have an awesome app and you can take a picture of checks to make deposits!

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    they are the best, no fees and high rates and great customer service, i bank with them

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