What exactly was the Tennessee Valley Authority?

So I'm doing report on Franklin Roosevelt Who established the Tennessee Valley Authority what exactly was it and what benefits did it bring?

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    TVA was created by an Act of Congress to improve economic development in the Tennessee Valley region. TVA tamed the Tennessee river for flood control and navigation. Hydroelectric power was a dividend of these two goals. After the depression, TVA played a key role in national defense, providing power to Alcoa which made most of the aluminum for American wat machines, and powered Oak Ridge where the first atomic bombs were developed. Recently, TVA has powered USEC which is playing a huge role in the denuclearizing of the globe. TVA is considered a 'federal corporation' -- it no longer receives any federal appropriations, operating purely on revenue from electric power sales.

    Source(s): I am employed by TVA. In addition to the wiki site posted below, check out www.tva.gov. To learn more about USEC, go here: http://www.usec.com/megatonstomegawatts_history.ht...
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    It was created for the purpose of bring electrical power to the impoverished residents of Tennessee, most of whom had no electricity. It dammed up the rivers (in the valleys) to make hydro-electric power plants.

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    What I can tell you is nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it say the role of the government is to turn a profit. The role of government is to serve the people and that can't be done for free. That is why there are provisions in the U.S. Constitution regarding the collection of taxes.

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