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How do I install daggerfall after downloading?

I already have DOSbox I have no Disk I got it free from the official elder scrolls site.

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    To install the game via DOSBox, Install DOSBox 0.74 into "c:\DOSBox-0.74" as it's very important to NOT install to "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files (x86)" because those two locations will make this method of installing impossible.

    You can get DOSBox 0.74 here:

    Go to the DOSBox folder and create a new folder in that DOSBox folder called "DOS".

    The full path name should be like this:


    Now inside the DOS folder, create another folder called "DF"

    The full path name should be like this:


    Then get Daggerfall on the official website:

    Unzip this to c:\DOSBox-0.74\DOS\DF

    now inside the DF folder, you should see this:

    DAGGER (folder)

    DFCD (folder)

    daggerfall_legal_and_installation.pdf (file)

    Okay go to c:\DOSBox-0.74 and create a short-cut to notepad (to do this, right-click, then move your mouse over "new", then left click "shortcut" or "create shortcut" or something similar. When it asks for a location write "notepad" and then click next, and if it says "notepad.exe" click "finish")

    Open up notepad and copy and paste this:

    mount x dos -freesize 1000

    mount d dos\df\dfcd -t cdrom -label Daggerfall



    ***STOP PASTING***

    Now, go to "file," then click "save as", and where it says "File Name" type in "INSTALL.BAT" without quotes and make sure where it says "save as type" is listed as "All Files (*.*)". Save this file to c:\DOSBox-0.74.

    You should now have a file called "INSTALL.BAT" in c:\DOSBox 0.74. Drag INSTALL.BAT over DOSBox.exe.

    Now these are the options you will pick in the installer window:

    "CONTINUE, I agree to the terms"

    "Install the game to your hard drive"

    "Change the Install size"

    "Huge installation (450md)" [the game runs best like this]

    "Yes, this installation size is fine"

    "Change install path"


    "x:\df\dagger" [don't ad the quotes]

    "Yes, I want to install the game here"

    "Go ahead and install the game"

    After all this, it will ask you if you're ready to set up your sound card, which you are so press:


    For digital, select "Sound Blaster Pro" with the fallowing options:

    Port: 220

    DMA: 1

    IRQ: 7

    For MIDI, select "MPU-401"

    Port: 330

    Test both Digital and MIDI and if both work, press "OK" and when it asks "Save system confguration information," press "OK." If they don't work right, I'll try to find a solution.

    You will return to a familular screen that should say "INSTALLATION COMPLETE," snd press "OK." After that, you may be prompted to press "OK" again, so press "OK" again.

    You should now be at COMMAND PROMPT, type in "exit" without quotes.

    Okay, now here comes the fun part, rename "INSTALL.BAT" to DF.BAT without quotes. Now right click DF.BAT and left click "edit."

    Remove all text from the file, then paste the fallowing lines:

    mount x dos -freesize 1000

    mount d dos\df\dfcd -t cdrom -label Daggerfall



    cd df\dagger



    ***STOP PASTING***

    You should now have a file called "DF.BAT" in c:\DOSBox-0.74. Drag DF.BAT over DOSBox.exe. This should launch the game.

    If you have any questions, just ask and if you know anyone else who would like to know how to install and run Daggerfall through DOSBox, feel free to copy and past this but please send a link to here:;_ylt=AsIbl...

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