America or Russia? Which one?

If it was the Cold War right now, would you chose the USA or the USSR?

A random answer will be the best answer.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Russia eventually, if the americans invade and bomb they'd come under some heavyair combat as russians have an air force too. Also russia has an advantage of attacking on three coasts ie west, east, north. Its partly why the us is in afgan just to be close to china and russia if they get too bold. Lastly if the us was to invade, russia is vast and sparse as well as moutainous where as the us is densely populated making it easier to bomb and target major infurstructure. If any country was to go on the offensive via urban warfare the us would be heavily exposed as they can't defend they don't know how. Vietnam is proof.

    Finally.. Russia has the world biggest nuke that's so heavy it has to be dropped by a heavy bomber and can't be lauched via missile. The can destroy about five cities in one hit. Or they could use there petrol reserves to spray in major city and nypalm them out. lol its silly really and best acted on mw3 etc.

    Source(s): At that point its every man for himself, but never going to happen. The reason is that russia could just mess up the oil trade and basically go to war with the US which is basically war. The US can't put a silly imbargo on russiam Its all silly and a weird question.
  • Skip
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    lf Russia and China united can stop these vile wars and agression l would support both Russia and China!

    USA lsrael appear to be the agressors not lran? and nor Syria they should both be left to their own to sort out!

    The WAR MONGERS AND Madness has to be stopped at any cost! İraq was carried out on Propaganda and Lies 18 billion vanished and saddams gold also missing! now Libya 200 billion siezed and also Gold! Now the oil big profits for some eh! whist libyans are now facing the same situation iraqies are Poverty starvation

    and still the slaughtering continues! USA and their buddies just Destory eh! some Humanitarian Aid Mr Obama You will reap what you Sow! What goes around comes around!

    who know,s the way USA is going they just may need some of this aid!

    with all the money and Gold now stolen from Qaddafi and saddam this should keep a fair few people in clover eh! fair few 4.2 Million Vacations in this Plunder eh!

    You lot could teach the Somalians a trick or two eh when it comes to looting and plundering!

  • D.E.M.
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Right now Russia, Reason our Military would go in to do the job, our politicians would say NO you can't go in like that and make our military lose. Proven throughout history look at Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, Iraq. They let the military go so far then pull them back costing lives. Russia would go in, get the job done and worry about fallout later.

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