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what kind of store would sell metal rails?

i'm looking for a store that would sell several foot long copper rails. something maybe 1/2 an inch thick, an inch wide, and maybe 2-4 feet long. what kind of store would sell that? i'm also looking for some metal plates (these can be steel, aluminum, or anything really) about 4 feet by 4 feet also half an inch thick. although those aren't nearly as important as the copper rails. i'm hoping to use them to connect some huge capacitors and I want to use the metal plates to cut and make a frame for something i'm making.

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    Your best bet would be to go to a local precision sheet metal manufacturing or a machine shop to see if they will sell you that material.

    A wholesale electrical store might have the copper rails because they are used as bus bars.

    You could also buy directly from McMaster-Carr supply company:

    (put what you want in the find box or look under raw materials)

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