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my son Is 19 years old and doesn't eat vegetables or other healthy foods- what to do?

the advice i am looking for is what sort of food is best for him to try first and what is the best way for me to get him to start eating , for example how should i prepare the dish , should i make it look exciting to make sure he eats the food he doesn't like ..

i'm not forcing him he wants to start eating healthy - he just doesn't know where to start which is why I am looking for advice as a mum.

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    My Grandfather wouldn't eat veg so a trick my Grandmother had was when she cooked mince for example she would liquidize the veg and then mix it in with the mince and add plenty of tomato sauce so all Granddad could taste was the mince and tomato sauce, he didn't know there where loads of veggies mixed in.

    So maybe start that way - find ways of mixing the veg in with the food.

    One thing I used to do was I hated the taste of mash potato so if I had baked beans (which I loved the taste of) I would mix the two together and I could taste the baked beans but not the mash.

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    Try different ways of preparing them. Don't forget texture plays just as much a part in food as taste does. For example, when I was really young, I hated broccoli, mostly because it was usually prepared soft, wet or soggy, but then tried it cooked so that it was still fairly firm and slightly crispy with a bit of lemon juice and ever since I like broccoli. Whatever you do to improve the taste of vegetables for him, it doesn't have to be complicated. He may not be a child, but maybe get him to try cooking some veg with you and experimenting with the tastes and smells of different herbs and spices and figure out good things to complement the different tastes. Also, if plain fruit and/or veg doesn't work, try putting them in pies for example. Veg is still veg, no matter what you put it with. If he is ok with fish or beef, put some celery, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms etc... with the meat in a proper traditional style pie... You can never go wrong with that. Otherwise, look to recipes from other parts of the world for inspiration; see what he finds interesting. If he likes Japan for example, take him to a Japanese restaurant with sushi and soups; they have lots of very healthy, homey foods.

    Good luck. :-)

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    How about he tries some smoothies? and some home made soups? Google some recipes, one power of suggestion might be for him to know exactly what individual veggies can give the body, in terms of what we need to survive especially at 19 he's gonna need nutrients, we all do.

    Tell him to experiment and you will with him. Sub way sandwiches are also delicious and healthy Could you both go and have a subway? and maybe try do them at home? (there cheaper ;) I hope this helps

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    Start with sweet veg like carrots .Try veg in a sauce like a cheese sauce (made with low fat cheese ) Cauliflower for example. Try adding a bit of butter or buttery spread to the veg before serving peas are better served with butter . Look in charity shops for a vegetarian cookbook or any cookbook that has recipes for vegetables. Once he tries the veg ask if he likes them well cooked and mushy or less well cooked and crunchy. Once you have the details on how he likes it cooked go from there.However at 19 if he wants to start eating healthily he should be doing all of the above and cooking for you.

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    I'm 19 years old and I have always loved vegatables, strange that someone wouldn't, they make you feel powerful. Anyways, I don't have to be a mum to say that making a carrot smoothie with apples is the way to go. It tastes sweet, and is nourishing and "cool" (if that is what hes looking for.) You really should buy a juicer, and try differant combinations of veggies and fruits, they all taste great....better than any drink you buy at the store. feel like making some right now:)

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    ?, our grandson started to get into that bad habit, till he stayed with us for holidays. We added mashed carrots and peas to things like fish cakes and meat balls (rissoles), when we had baked potato, carrots and sweet potato, we would mash his. he now asks to come here Friday nights to Sunday afternoon, he does his homework and any assignments his teacher has given him, and he goes crazy now for stir fry, either with seafood, or poultry or beef, loves the flavor of the vegetables, if there is any left over bok choy, they won't be for long.

    You have to take it steady and make it interesting, if your making a tossed salad, make it colorful with shredded carrot, shredded radishes, besides the lettuce and tomato, the vinaigrette, in a canning jar, I mix olive oil, balsamic or red wine vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of Dijon Mustard, salt and pepper, lid on and shake it to hell, I dress the salad before serving.

    His mother can not believe the transformation, now she asked if we can do the same thing with our gran daughter. As a difference, gran daughter No.2 not even two yet, loves broccoli, peas, carrots. you put her little bowl with minestrone, stand clear she polishes that up and asks for more.

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    Some people just don't like certain flavors. All you can do is have him eat veggies that are snuck into things. Ground the veggies up real fine...put them in his burgers and chilli. Also, have him eat fiber one bars. They are like candy bars but full of nutrients. Just make sure he takes a multivitamin in the morning.

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    fruits grow on trees, shrubbery and mostly above earth and vegies grow in the earth (mostly) and are root plants ie peas, potatoes, raddishes etc are beginnings

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    At first i didnt like vegies either until my mom mixed vegies into foods i liked

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    you can satee them, bake them, fry them (a little not a lot), have him eat them raw with dressing on the side, and experiment with other ways of cooking

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