Question About Lady Gaga's Music?

I've never heard her music before, and I just have a few questions about this woman. What genre of music does she generally play? In your mind, what do you think is great about her music? What is the subject matter in her songs? Are they relatable, or stuck up?

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  • 8 years ago
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    She mainly makes pop music, but there are some songs of hers that are country (You & I), jazz (The Lady is a Tramp ft. Tony Bennett), etc.

    I think she makes good music because..... I dunno. There's catchy beats, nice lyrics that actually make sense, and she has great vocals.

    In Gaga's first album, The Fame (2008), it's basically about, the fame! It's about money and her love for drugs and some of the lyrics are a bit superficial. I'd say you can relate to half of the songs.

    In Gaga's second album, The Fame Monster, it's about her fears. It's about fear or death, fear of attachment, fear of yourself, fear of suffocation, etc. But don't worry, the music isn't depressing, it is pop music after all. But ALL the songs in that album relate to one of her fears, so feel free to actually read up on the lyrics.

    In her third album, Born This Way, it's about being born who you are, and how you should never change yourself and love who you are. Some songs are also about her, talking about the death of her grandfather (Edgy of Glory) and talking about her ex (You & I). It's def relatable, and it's an absolute favorite of mine (I actually love ALL the songs on the album, I haven't been able to do that with another artist, besides Michael Jackson).

    Source(s): I also love the fact that she ALWAYS sings live. And also, when she sings live, she puts a little twist to the singing. Listen to this song: Then watch her sing live of that same song: It's a completely different feel, huh? Anyways, I absolutely adore Gaga, she is 100x the better artist than any other person in the mainstream industry right now. Listen to her music & give her a chance!
  • 8 years ago

    She plays pop music. I like her music because it is original and she doesn't care what people think of it.

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