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我們是跟對方買機台,但要拆機進口<但我要以零件方式進口>,包裝也是對方替我們找的<不同公司>,因為很大量<好像對方要我們分開匯款 Please pay for our 機台名 and this crating job separately. >。


INVOICE 請列出P/O裡面的零件細項,或者貴公司有更好建議列出此機台零件細項,以利我方進口。我已經接受xx公司木箱報價,也已回覆xx公司。



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  • 羅莉
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    1) 您確實是進口機台零件, 而非機台本身, 要求對方據實出具INVOICE是天經地義的, 在語氣上要堅定, 而非商量的口吻.

    2) 熟悉國際匯兌的人都知道, 匯款除了逐次預付手續費以外, 通常會產生中間銀行費用(USD15 - 45.00不等), 小金額匯款對我方不利, 且一旦被扣了費用可能就沒了, 所以沒有為了區區小金額包裝費用分別匯款的道理. 我方應直接要求合併匯出.


    Dear Xxxx,

    Thanks for your offer of (date).

    Kindly note that on the invoice the description of goods shall read Spare

    Parts of Xxx Machine instead of the machine itself because the latter would

    attract a sharp increase of the import duty. It is also essential to specify

    the individual items of the spare parts on the invoice.

    As to the additional charge for wooden-case packaging by Xxx Company

    in your offer, please include it on the above invoice for our payment by a

    single transfer.

    Please confirm your understanding.

    Best regards,

    Xxxx Xxxx


    2012-01-18 12:42:48 補充:

    拆機進口的話, 要當心海關抽檢, 又運氣不好遭核定以整機課關稅外加罰鍰. 此外要慎選報關行, 因為有些報關行會製造狀況上下其手.

    2012-01-18 13:14:58 補充:


    Please specify on the invoice the detailed individual spare part items as shown on P/O; or alternatively you might have a better idea in listing them to enable our smooth importation. Besides, we have accepted XXX's offer for wooden-case packaging and replied them.

    2012-01-18 13:15:16 補充:


    We shall be closed for Chinese New Year holidays from Jan 21 through 29. The payment will be wired to you as soon as we resume work from the CNY holidays.

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    Hello:Name on invoice consists of machine names into machine parts, providing details of machine parts for the benefit of our imports.

    By your company please XX quote packaging wooden box fees, packaging costs paid in on remittances to XX are separate from your company would import company?

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    Dr. 陳,您第二段的"expanse",應該是expense吧?兩者意義相差甚巨。

  • 9 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    I was wondering if you can change the item of the invoice from machine to parts of the machine and provide the detail items of the parts to facilitate our importing procedure.

    Would you also please ask XX company to quote the expanse of the wood packaging cage/box?

    BTW, should I wire the packaging fee to your account together or separately?

    (Thank you very much for the attention and feel free to contact me if you have any question.)

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  • 阿昌
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    The name on the invoice the name of the machine into machine parts, machine parts but also the way to provide detailed breakdown of the benefit of our imports.

    XX company by your company, please offer wooden packing costs, packaging costs money is the money together or separately to your company import XX company?

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