My two closest friends hurt me the most?

Hey guys, so I have two friends whom I'm really close with. But the thing is, ever since we entered high school, things have been a little rocky. I mean at first, things were great, but now I feel like everything is changing. The past two days, all I've done is cry over them (haha, I'm ridiculous, I know) but they seriously hurt my feelings.

So one friend is changing ever since she became friends with this one girl that loves to party. Now she's slowly turning into a party girl and she acts like she'd much rather hang out with this one girl than me and my other friends, like we're too lame for her or something. We were planning to do something today, but we didn't because she never answered back to my message on FRIDAY if we were going to hang out over the weekend till like today. And now she has other plans (mostly likely with her party girl friend) right when we were starting to plan stuff for tomorrow. I mean like, wtf, that's not cool, man. ANYWAYS the point is: she's changing into some boy crazy, partying person and she always go back on her plans.

My other close friend... I've always had problems with her. She only cares about herself and only genuinely talks to me when she has problems, I mean, we have good laughs and conversations at school, but sometimes... yeah. She just has hurt me a lot because it seems like she doesn't care. I've told her before, but she's still the same.

I may sound ridiculous, but this always happens to me, being replaced by something better or always being the last priority. Quiet frankly, I'm sick of it. I'm sick of crying over losing people whom I care for the most. I'm sick of answering everyone's problems and when I say my problems, no one understands. I just want somebody to talk to. Okay, getting off topic, BUT basically: my question is... What should I do? Should I tell them (specifically the one that's changing)? Should I even keep being friends with them? I'm thinking the best thing to do is just distance myself from them but will that cause regret and make everything more messier in the end?

... Sorry this is so long. :|

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    9 years ago
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    Omg. I can relate to you a lot. Some of the closest friends for a period in my life have drifted away from me, not because I don't hang out with them, but because as they get older, they change into some boy obsessive, drug using, party all-nighter. I've had about 5 friends like that in my life, where we use to be really close and amazing friends, but slowly drift away as we get older. It was really hard for me at first to 'just forget' about them and all the memories we use to share, but time heals, and I eventually got over it. I made some other really good friends along the way and let the bad ones drift. In the end, people like that, ones who ditch you, come running back to you when none of their other 'friends' are there for them. Honestly, if someone has made you cry (I do that, too, LOL) because your friendship is crumbling and they don't seem to notice your feelings, then I think you should just forget about them and move on. Make some better friends! Ones who won't ditch you and will always have your back. If you continue to stay with people like this, you might end up regretting it instead. Would you rather make new, better friends, or stay with some that end up hurting you at the end? New year, new beginning. Good luck:]

  • 9 years ago

    Keep your friends close but enemies closer. Think about that quote... Your friends are the one person who's going to stab you in the back. TRUST ME.

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