Am I hurting my chances of acceptance into U of I environmental engineering by only takingpre-calc senior year?

While I fully intend to become an environmental engineer, I would much rather spend my summer on a paid internship at a zoo than take a summer pre-calc course. While the internship is not very closely related to the field of engineering , it is something I actually want to do. I would only be taking precalc senior year but I still have a good history in math (straight A's in honors level for the past 3 years). Is anyone an enigneering student that was accepted into a prestigious engineering school while still only taking pre-calc senior year? Main schools I am looking at: U of I Urbana -Champaign, Dartmouth (even though its not known for engineering), and USC.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    You don't want to be an environmental engineer. They stop at fluid mechanics and then learn about air quality. No training in heat transfer, control systems, vibrations, finite elements, etc. Be a mechanical engineer, and you can choose to work on environmental problems, and know what you're doing.

    And you'd better sign up for that pre-calc course ASAP because if you don't you're in serious trouble your first semester.

  • Alex
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    9 years ago

    No. Most engineering curricula are designed with the assumption that you'll be starting in Calc 1. An internship will look better on an application than just taking an extra math class.

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