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Chances of getting into West Point?

I'm currently a senior and became interested in applying to West Point too late. I know some people have been building up their application since middle school. I'm wondering if it is too late to build up my application. I've been trying to get more leadership positions in the clubs I'm in, and trying to keep my grades up. I'll probably retake my ACT to try to get in the high 30's since I'm not applying till next year. I am also going to do ROTC my freshman year of college. I've contacted recruiters to get some pointers on how to build up my resume. But any more suggestions?

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    No, it is not too late. The age limit to compete for an offer of appointment is to not have reached the 23rd birthday on July 1 of the year of admission to West Point. The deadline to submit a pre candidate questionnaire to West Point for the Class of 2016 is January 31. It is a good idea to submit one to establish a desire for an offer of an appointment from an early date. Then it will appear to admissions that you have been working to that goal during your first year of college. The highest Act score is a 36. Recruiters are not generally knowledgeable regarding West Point Admissions. Read the West Point Catalog and everything on the West Point Admissions web site. For questions that do not have readily available answers, contact a MALO(Military Academy Liaison Officer.)

    There are service academy prep programs offered by the military junior colleges such as NMMI, Marion and VFMA and others such as Northwestern Preparatory School and the post grad years at the schools that the Naval Academy Foundation recommends. The advantage at NMMI or VFMAC is that a Cadet can also be involved in the Early Commissioning Program on ECP Scholarship at the military junior college and in the Prep Program while competing for an offer of appointment to West Point.

    The Air Force Academy website offers outstanding advice to students prepping for a service academy, rotc scholarship or any highly selective university. Open all links to the left of the dialog box. Be sure to open the "Leadership Preparation" link and read it carefully."

    Page 19 of Chapter 2 of the Naval Academy Catalog indicates classes for a high school student to take to make himself competitive for admission. The classes are arranged in a hierarchy:

    Helpful to read the advice on prepping for college offered on Harvard's website:

    The selection process is nearly identical at West Point, the Naval Academy, and the Air Force Academy, so, whatever is stated on one service academy website or in its catalog with regard to admissions, course selection etc generally holds for the others. If you read the following answer and open the links it should help to explain the selection process and the path to an appointment:;_ylt=Akhc0...

    The Psat Math section tests Algebra 1 and Geometry and should be taken the first time the Fall after completing these classes. The Psat is only offered once each October. The Sat Math section tests Algebra 1 and 2 and Geometry and should be taken the first time the Spring of the year taking Algebra 2. The Act Math section tests these subjects and Trigonometry. An extracurricular reading program looking up unknown words in a dictionary helps with the Cr and Writing sections of the Sat:

    Good Luck!

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    My youngster. Junior ROTC for 4 years, graduated as a Cadet considerable. on the drill team 4 years. advance degree with a B+ regular. 2 years of school point remote places language with a three.seventy 5 regular on suitable 10 years of the comparable language on the grounds that in Kindergarten. to assert he speaks the language proficiently may be an irony, he speaks it as an area and it truly is truly one that is clever to the amenities (no longer Spanish.). desirable wellbeing. ought to no longer even get a suggestion from our community Senators as a results of different having greater clever documents. Now you....A.B and C's. what's your GPA?..... team activities. have been you team captain for any of them? What do you need to coach any style of management skills? class president? Scout chief? Troop chief? in case you particularly need to get into West ingredient you need to get severe approximately it. Take complicated training collectively with Physics, Chemistry, and a no longer elementary math direction each and each semester. Get sturdy grades in those training. in the adventure that your college does no longer have JR ROTC then does yet another college on your district have it? verify approximately volunteering with the Civil Air Patrol. If the two of your mothers and fathers are eligible to connect the VFW or American Legion possibly you will get on certainly one of their drill communities. workout and get in great condition. are not getting busted for something.....specifically drugs. ... you nevertheless have a shot at it yet you need to place goofing off on your "do no longer DO" record and get busy...

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