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After suing civilly are you required to report your case to law enforcement (csec laws in California?

In a civil suit If a plaintiff was underage when The Crime was committed by the defendant?

And the plaintiff seeks and recovers monies from the defendant after the civil suit has been filed is the plaintiff's attorney or another party's involved required to report the criminal actions that took place with the use of a minor age 16 in california.if so how long does one have to report a crime that has been resolved civilly?

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    Except for some unique situations involving people in positions of authority knowing of child abuse or immanent harm to another, nobody ever has to report a crime to the police.

    Source(s): 35+ years as a criminal defense attorney
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    A CRIME is not resolved civilly in any situation. If any crime has happened, it is up to the person to report it to law enforcement authorities. Law enforcement and/or the district attorney will then investigate to determine if criminal charges will be filed and prosecuted.

    Civil cases generally mean that one person has a dispute with another person, which does not prove that a law has been violated.

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