Am I the only one that hates it when kpop fans...?

Am I the only one that hates it when kpop fans...bash american music, be very immature, think kpop is the best etc?

Also does anyone else 'dislike' those kpop fans (not all!) that bash artists they don't know?

No actually just 'new' kpop fans in general. They act as if they know everything >.>

(I'm not saying that all new kpop fans are like that. Most are though. Sadly.)

I love Kpop but a lot of kpop fans these days are really...immature and...*no other words to say*

I miss those days when kpop wasn't well known, when everyone (fandoms) got along, when most kpop songs were good, where debut stages where 'nearly flawless', when kpop wasn't just for the looks -I miss the old kpop that I fell in love with. ;__;

Anyone here agree with me?


@微笑9 - Nearly all kpop fans bash american music (saying it is about sex and drugs). That is what I hate most. It is not like kpop isn't about sex and drugs...

Update 2:

immature fans that can't accept the truth are thumbing down the 'true' comments...

Seriously what did I say that was wrong??? I really want to know.

Update 3:

Dj Insert: LOL. I actually can't believe you are calling me immature XD

I have known (and liked) kpop for a long time. I admit I was a bit immature when I started liking kpop-because I didn't understand anything.

And also where did I say that ALL kpop fans bash american music or be immature.

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    To be honest, I am a KPOP die-hard fan. I can easily say KPOP is my life. Am I Korean? No, in fact I'm no where close to being Asian. However, I can see where your coming at. I can't say I don't bash American music, because I do. But it's only certain rappers and rap songs. I can't stand American rap, the only rap I like is whats in KPOP. Don't get me wrong there are exceptions like I tried by Bone Thugs In Harmony. But that's because I was raised a rocker. I guess these days we're all just looking for something different.

    These days many of the fan groups have been going overboard. There are so many Fan Wars going on right now. For example, Sones vs. ELFs and KPOP vs. American, these are things we can't so easily avoid. No matter how much we try to get along there is always going to be someone has to put there two-cents in and there's going to be a backlash. There are many reasons why there are fan wars. For all we know it could just e some kid who wants some attention and is starting them on purpose. But when you think about it we all have different tastes so it's not a surprise people will argue.

    In my own opinion, KPOP is still KPOP no matter how well known it gets. I used get mad too sometimes when I found out how popular it was getting, but know I'm one of those people who shows of the MVs to others.

    I'm sorry I wrote a novel ^__^;; I just wanted to add my opinion~

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    that's the same with me!!!!!

    "I miss those days when kpop wasn't well known, when everyone (fandoms) got along, when most kpop songs were good, where debut stages where 'nearly flawless', when kpop wasn't just for the looks -I miss the old kpop that I fell in love with. ;__;"

    that's so true... i love how kpop became popular, because groups like super junior really deserves it from their hard work, but i don't like it how some of the fangirls just keep talking about their bias and other kpop stuff... it just makes kpop not look good and only right for immature people...

    and i like kpop, but i wouldn't ever bash american music cause i also listen to them and everything... i just wish that kpop fangirls would be more mature about the music... :)

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    I have on no account hated a exact song considering the fact that of it is enthusiasts.... that's quite immature your self, you are kinda decreasing your self all the way down to their stage. I in my view have on no account had a obstacle with kpop enthusiasts bashing american song, considering the fact that for essentially the most facet, I do not learn dumb feedback on youtube, or I forget about them. People say matters on the web considering the fact that they think strong and might in any other case be afraid to mention it in character. If any person attempted to bash american song in entrance of truly men and women, they might frequently get scolded lovely dangerous. PLUS, for those who bash american song, you are lovely rattling ignorant, considering the fact that there's such a lot well american song in the market, you are not able to lump all of them into one class. If you are creating a evaluation among woman gaga and katy perry with korean song, then quality, however it's not reasonable to evaluate all of yank song to kpop..... besides, ethical of the tale is: simply forget about them.

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    Not still everything is about looks you know but having looks and good singing is also an advantage. They still are about music you can be ugly but if you sing really good they would accept you. I could name some examples but idunt want more thumbs down than i think i would. The people who bash american music.....there are alot who bash kpop music and we are jus defending stop being so hypercritical but just saying i dont really bash american music i dont like it much but i dont bash it. I dont get what you mean by when most debut songs were good and stage were nearly flawless. Are you talking about first generation music? how old are you? Oh and nearly all kpop fans bash about american music? Do you think they would rnadomly do that? your blaming them and not telling the other side of the story. What caused them to say that? Why did they say that? Well lots of people say omg she is such a copy cat of lady gaga and bunch of stuff like that. You cant put all the blame on kpop fans. It wouldnt have even happened if they didnt say things liek that. Your so hypercritical "kpop fans bash american msuic" and they dont? You only tell one side of the story. stop doing that. I dont care how many thumbs down i get but YOU are the one thats being immature.

    Source(s): Whats with not wanting kpop to be known? its getting popular lots of people like it and i know some create fanwars but those are the stupid ones. just ignore it. if u do other pple might as well.
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    No you're not the only one. I really get annoyed with some kpop fans. When they have stupid arguments with each other on every video (ex. sones and elfs), or get super defensive and argue with you even if you say a small thing. Also if you say something, they will turn it into something completly different and bash you.

    Some of the ones in Korea are really creepy and follow idols around everywhere and try to touch them. Another thing, whenever I go on a BoA video, they're always saying Lady Gaga copied her, lady gaga sucks, blah blah blah.

    I've had this conversation with my friends before and we both agreed.

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    I've noticed that american music fans are mostly the ones bashing kpop fans first and kpop fans bash back in defense

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    I like k-pop but I'll answer your question honestly.

    I actually don't mind. I, myself would never go and bash american music, but when other "kpop-fans" do it, I don't hate it nor do I love seeing it. I'm used to seeing "k-pop is **** music" comments from people who listen to american music. So, I think I'm satisfied with the "i hate k-pop" and the "i hate american music" bashing. (don't get me wrong, I wish people should stop bashing the music some people enjoy listening to, but let's be realistic, they won't stop, so TO ME, if k-pop is getting bashed, I won't mind if american music gets bashed).

    and yes, I miss those days when it was only me and a group of other asian kids who listened to k-pop, our own little world when no one knew what k-pop was. Fin.K.L and Shinhwa were our favorites.

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    k-pop = meanless but with great tune

    japanese song = meaningful, great tune but less popular(WHY??)

    And yes i hate k-pop die hard fans keep saying k-pop is the best -_-''

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