Is there a cure for cancer?

Have medics/scientists just not released it yet?

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  • mhiaa
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    8 years ago
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    How then, if they honestly released them, would all the drug companies, research centers, labs etc, make money? Cancer is a big money making business. Just like hospitals. Do you really think they put the patient first? No, it's money first! Why do you think all the old time GP's have been forced to retire or were sanctioned and put out of business? Because they were honest, told you what was wrong with you without all the BS. I know quite a few people who were told they had cancer, and "They" tried to use scare tactics and force them into chemo and other useless harmful things, countless expensive tests yada, yada, yada. They have been using natural methods and still alive. Even myself, when I demanded the hospital explain why they were doing what they were to me and wanted to subject me to more, and I said "You know what, you just frightened me into performing a totally unecessary surgery on me." They were so bold as to tell me if I left the hospital it would be against medical advice and my insurance would not pay for my stay there. Well, after the so called needed surgery, I demanded to see proof of why it was needed. Next thing I know, six,- yes six,- doctors came marching into my room, while I was half naked mind you, all spitting and sputtering about how I was an enigma, I had healed myself, and that was the reason they found nothing during the surgery they insisted I had to have or I would drop dead if they released me. So basically, I said, you are again confirming what I insisted all along, you subjected me to unnecessary surgery and tests to make money for the hospital. And thats only the beginning - hundreds of dollars of meds they insisted I needed , which also upon release they decided since I had healed myself I did not need but still billed for the prescriptions. Any time I questioned what they were doing I was written up as being a "bad patient" or refuses meds - what meds? I wasn't there for meds. Sorr to be long winded and theres so much more.

    I have had friends as I said before, been diagnosed with cancer, refused all the stupidity, and cured themselves with natural herbs and a healthy diet. Artemisinin has been used in other countries for years to cure cancer. Simple supplements such as flax seeds and oil, Laetril, just google natural rrmedies. But not here. Why, because they wont make money from natural cures, they want you to take drugs. But first stay away from the crap that gives you cancer. Look at what is done to our

    food chain. The crap they feed animals. The nitrites in the food. First thing they tell you when you have cancer is to eliminate meat from your diet. Duh? Why, because all the crap they put in it is what causes it in the first place. Even our animals are getting cancer now.

    See all the ads McDonalds is putting out now? To try to counteract all the cancer in the beef they feed to people? You'd never eat there again if you researched it. Macribs are not even ribs, they're made out of the same chemicals as gym mats

    Yes there are cures for cancer, but bottom line - don't get it in the first place. Stop believing the lies and live a more natural life. Find out where your food comes from and what its fed. Buy local at every opportunity. Avoid processed meats and foods.

    Think - well, you're probably too young, but for years polio was the big scare and that was the big money maker. Suddenly, even though it was there for years, they announced they had a cure - a simple vaccine which they had known about for years. So how many kids suffered needlessly all those years just so companies could make money? That's all it is in this country - MONEY.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    There inst a general "cure" for cancer, however there are many treatments that are available for certain types of cancer. Some of these treatments include chemotherapy. For some cancers such as breast cancer, testicular cancer, or skin cancer removing the infected area that holds the tumor can sometimes act as a "cure" however if the area is not removed it can spread to other parts of the body and be harder to treat, or if it is not caught in the early stages.

  • 8 years ago

    well, yes and no. There is no cure for Cancer, like there is a cure, for example, rabies. But, Cancer is treatable. With Radiation and Chemotherapy people can and have been cured of their cancer. Sometimes the treatment only allows them another decade to live, sometimes it lets them live for another 50 years. Cancer is treatable;e, but not curable. Scientists are, of course, working on ways to cure cancer.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Treatments not Cures. A cure is something that would NOT be kept a secret, especially cáncer.

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  • 8 years ago

    Don't you think they would release it if there was? I'm pretty sure they would enjoy the fame (and money) if they found the cure.

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